Advice for Improving Your Grades

Downside Fixing questions are the easy 5-choice multiple-choice questions that make up the majority of the Math on the SAT (35 of 60 questions).


  • Easy addition, subtraction, multiplying, and dividing
  • Averages, imply, median, and mode
  • Percents, ratios and charges, and a few likelihood
  • Data of integer properties reminiscent of primes, elements, and multiples


  • Simplifying algebraic expressions
  • Fixing easy algebraic equations
  • Easy factoring of quadratic equations
  • Working with easy roots and exponents
  • Translating from English to algebra, phrase issues


  • Properties of parallel traces
  • Properties of triangles, particularly proper triangles
  • Properties of rectangles, squares, and circles
  • Discovering the amount and floor space of bins and cylinders

Not on the Take a look at:

  • Exponents and roots that aren’t entire, constructive numbers
  • The quadratic formulation
  • Formal proofs of something
  • Trigonometry of any sort
  • Any shapes or solids aside from these listed within the geometry part

Common Ideas for Improving Your Grades

  • Skip more durable questions till after you’ve answered questions .
  • Math questions are organized so as of issue. Simple questions have few issues, however the “apparent” reply is all the time incorrect on onerous questions.
  • Since early questions are easy and won’t include tips, you may actually rack up some factors on the fundamental arithmetic questions.
  • Know the instructions getting into to the examination; don’t waste examination time reviewing them.

Calculator Use

  • Use a calculator you’re comfy with. Use the identical one on take a look at day that you simply use to your observe.
  • You don’t want a flowery calculator. An ordinary four-function one is ok.
  • Calculators you CAN’T deliver embody:
    • Private Digital Assistants (PDAs) reminiscent of a Palm
    • laptops or transportable computer systems
    • calculators with typewriter type keyboards
    • calculators that make an excessive amount of noise
    • calculators which have a printer
    • calculators that have to be plugged into an electrical outlet
  • Don’t attain to your calculator till you’ve thought concerning the query.
  • If you want to punch a number of numbers into your calculator to reply a query, assume once more; you’re going about it the incorrect manner.

Working Backwards

Moderately than establishing and fixing an equation to search out the appropriate reply, working backwards takes benefit of the truth that all problem-solving questions provide the proper reply; you simply need to work out which one it’s. You do that by operating the solutions by means of the equation within the query till you discover the one which works.

Use working backwards when:

  • You’re requested to unravel an equation (that is very true when the query is within the type of a phrase drawback).
  • The reply decisions are numbers.