Are BioThane leashes strong?

Are BioThane leashes strong?

How strong is biothane? Biothane is incredibly strong. The 3/8” width has a tested break strength of 375 lbs, the 1/2” width has a break strength of 500 lbs, and the 3/4″ width has a break strength of 750 lbs.

Are BioThane leads good?

It is very durable, waterproof, antimicrobial (it is mould resistant) and easily cleanable. Further, it is gentle on the dog’s coat and hypoallergenic. Our BioThane® collars and leads are very strong and durable yet look stylish.

Is BioThane stronger than leather?

Why is BioThane® better than leather? BioThane® is more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain. It is also readily available in different colors.

Is BioThane toxic?

BioThane Toxicity BioThane is not toxic and will not present a health or safety hazard when used as recommended. However, if you misuse this product, it will affect the product performance and present a potential health or safety hazard.

Does BioThane get dirty?

Cleaning Your BioThane Dog Collars is a Breeze Whether it’s from the rain or something your dog decided to roll in, leather collars can become dirty over time and begin to stink. BioThane coated webbing is waterproof, stink-proof, and headache proof for dog owners.

Is BioThane eco friendly?

BioThane is extremely durable, so can be used for a long time. PVC, used as a BioThane coating, is the ‘single most environmentally damaging of all plastics’ according to Greenpeace.

Where is BioThane made?

the USA
Yes, BioThane® is manufactured in our only plant located in North Ridgeville, Ohio in the USA.

Are biothane leashes good for dogs?

Biothane leads and leashes are a favorite among dog trainers everywhere. These dog leashes have the benefit of being waterproof, lightweight, and fully functional in any conditions or terrain. They do not slip when wet or retain a mildew-y smell, and are incredibly strong and great for large and small dogs alike.

How long is a biothane long line for dogs?

It is now about 24 feet long instead of 33, but it has been reliable and functional for years, and many, many dogs!” Our Biothane Long Lines can be used in any climate and over any terrain. Works great as a tie-out in a yard or farm for sheepdogs or other strong, working dogs. All leads have Stainless Steel snaps and come with a carrying bag.

What is a biothane lead?

Our Biothane Lead is a PVC-coated nylon; which means it can be used in extreme conditions. These leads are completely maintenance free and easy to grip. The lead stays soft and flexible to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for winter walks or use with Nordic-breed working dogs.

What is beta biothane coated webbing made of?

Standard Thickness Beta Biothane New Zealand’s only Authorised Distributor for BioThane® Coated Webbing 13mm wide x 2.4 – 2.6mm thick… Made from strong non toxic rubber. A challenge for most dogs. Has molded bumps to assist the dog to grip toy. ‘T’ handle allows you to keep your ha… Made from high quality jute with high quality stitching.