Are Taurus 1911s any good?

Are Taurus 1911s any good?

It’s a solid, reliable and soft-shooting 1911 that’s suitable for comfortable range sessions, home defense and concealed carry, if you don’t mind a bit more weight. For those who already enjoy shooting striker-fired pistols, this Taurus 1911 is a great way to try on the platform for size without breaking the bank.

Is the Taurus 1911 45 ACP a good gun?

The Taurus PT-1911 does a pretty good job of living up to the century-long legacy of 1911s. It strikes the right balance of affordable and quality and performs well. Upgrading the trigger can be a challenge, but that’s about the only issue.

Where is the Taurus PT 1911 made?

Porto Alegre Brazil
The Taurus PT1911 is a clone of the US military model 1911 single-action recoil operated semi-automatic pistol. It was designed and manufactured by Taurus in Porto Alegre Brazil, and distributed in the US by Taurus USA….

Taurus PT1911
Feed system 7, 8 or 10 round magazine

Is the Taurus PT 1911 a good gun?

This gun ranks highly when it comes to its reliability. At one point in time, the 1911 was a pistol that showed that a semi-automatic gun could be just as reliable as a revolver. Some say that the Taurus PT 1911 is a real tack driver. This means it should be able to shoot two-inch groups at 25 yards.

What makes the Taurus pt-1911 stand out from the crowd?

However, the Taurus PT-1911 seems to stand out from the crowd. This is because Taurus has gone the extra mile with this production. And in combination with a timeless design, we really think they’ve done the 1911 justice with this modern-day equivalent.

Is the PT1911 a good handgun to buy?

Taurus firearms are among the least expensive of handguns. For anyone wanting to try out a 1911-style pistol, whether new to shooting or an old hand, the PT1911 might be a good choice. It’s built on the historic 1911-style frame, offers reliability and safety.

Will the PT1911 Taurus fit in a Dremel tool?

This Taurus, however, will require some tweaking for many things. For example: the ambidextrous safety and enlarged magazine release button (and other controls) means you’ll have to stick with grips made specifically for the PT1911 lest ye need to break out the Dremel tool.