Can you crochet a bikini?

Can you crochet a bikini?

Many crochet bikinis are meant for sun-bathing, not swimming. Because the yarn wasn’t waterproofed, so it’ll absorb water and sag. Or, you can sew a lining into an existing bikini to prevent anything from showing through the stitches.

How do you size a bikini top?

Bikini Tops Size Chart, US

  1. Bra Size is used.
  2. Bikini top size is determined with the same size system as the bikini bottom, just by adding your bust measurement in addition to waist and hips measurements.
  3. Bikini top size is given with a cup size in addition to the main bikini size (bikini bottom size).

Can You crochet a bikini top?

Crocheting a bikini top is a pretty easy crochet project if you have some basic skills. However, you will need to follow a specific pattern to get a well-fitted top and it can be time-consuming depending on how intricate you want it to be. After you finish your bikini top, crochet a matching bikini bottom for a cute, custom-made crochet bikini!

What size crochet hook do I need to make a bikini?

Choose a medium-weight cotton yarn that you like and get a size J-10 (6.0 mm) crochet hook. Pick your favorite color or use a variegated yarn for a more colorful bikini top. Variegated yarn contains multiple colors so it will look like you changed yarn while making the bikini.

How do you measure a bikini for size?

You can also measure the cup for an approximate size. This pattern makes a simple triangle top bikini. Across the widest part of the triangle, an A cup will measure 4–4.5 in (10–11 cm), a B cup will measure 5–5.5 in (13–14 cm), a C cup will measure 6–6.5 in (15–17 cm), and a D cup will measure 7–7.5 in (18–19 cm).

How to make a bikini top Cup at home?

Work 1 single crochet stitch into each of the stitches on the opposite side of the fan as well. Continue to work the cup using this pattern until the cup is the desired size. Determine when it is finished by placing it against your breast or comparing the size to a pre-made bikini top cup. You can also measure the cup for an approximate size.