Do you have to do the expedition for bronze DofE?

Do you have to do the expedition for bronze DofE?

5: No practice expedition A practice expedition is no longer a requirement at Bronze-level. However, participants are still expected to reach the skills and fitness levels appropriate for completing the remotely supervised, qualifying expedition.

How far do you have to walk for bronze DofE?

How far do you walk on DofE? The distance you walk per day on DofE varies between awards. A standard distance to walk is 16km per day on Bronze, 19km per day on Silver, and 23km per day on Gold. Naturally, some groups will do less than this, and others more.

Can you wear leggings for DofE?

They let heat escape, get heavy when wet, and dry slowly. So no jeans or joggers. All Duke of Edinburgh’s Award recommended technical clothing is breathable and lightweight.

What is a qualifying expedition aim?

To pass your QUALIFYING expedition, your team must have an AIM. Your aim does not need to be long or complicated. Keep it simple and something you will be interested in. Something you can easily do along the walk or at the end of the day. Agree your team AIM in advance and write it on your route card.

How much should a bronze DofE bag weigh?

As a guide you should be aiming for a fully packed rucksack with group kit, personal kit, food and water to weigh around 15kg. The lighter your bag is, the more you will enjoy your expedition. If your bag is too heavy you will struggle to lift it let alone walk with it for hours.

How many days is Gold DofE?

4 days
Gold: A minimum of 4 days, 3 nights; 8 hours planned activity each day. 8. All expeditions must be supervised by an adult (the Expedition Supervisor) who is able to accept responsibility for the safety of the team.

Is DofE good for CV?

Does DofE look good on a CV and Personal Statement? Bronze DofE does not particularly stand out on a CV or Personal Statement. Due to the numbers of students that complete the Bronze Award each year (well over 100,000) it simply doesn’t separate you from the rest.

What is a bronze DofE programme?

A Bronze DofE programme has 4 sections, Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition. You must do a minimum of 3 months activity for each of the Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections, and plan, train for and do a 2 day (1 night) Expedition.

Do I need to do an expedition presentation for my bronze?

Although doing an expedition presentation is no longer a requirement for the Bronze Award level, we would still encourage participants to share their whole DofE experience with others at the end of their programme, not just their thoughts on their expedition.

How long does it take to complete the bronze expedition section?

In late 2018, the DofE have changed the requirements for the Bronze Expedition Section. It is now longer a requirement to complete both a practice and a qualifying expedition. Instead, we now offer a 4-day programme which allows you to complete your whole Bronze Expedition Section in one go.

Can an expedition assessor assess a bronze level team?

Yes, if the Supervisor has been involved in the team’s training, then they can still assess the team (as long as they are accredited by the DofE and registered with the LO). The advice on the independence of an Expedition Assessor at Bronze level will be updated in the programme resources soon. What standard do participants need to be trained to?