Dream League Soccer Tips and tricks

Dream League Soccer Tips and tricks

Dream League Soccer is an entertaining soccer game where you must lead your team for victory starting from the initial ranks of a soccer league that comprise of several teams from the European leagues. But how you can win without cheating.

At the beginning of the Dream League Soccer  game you have to give a name for your team, design your own dream league soccer kit, and choose a captain. That’s it,the next step is to start out in a league with several moderate teams such as Anderlecht, Levante and Herenveen. From there you have to start winning matches in order to move up to a higher levels.

Along the way you have to manage all the aspects of your team to improve your stadium’s facilities, create your team strategies, sign players, and make a review on all stats for your team’s starting squad. All this will have some impact when you get  into the field and try to make goals.

The fun really begins in the game Dream League Soccer. You only have three basic buttons: pass button, shoot shoot, and cross button – but these are more than enough for you to enjoy an amazing gaming control system. You can use them to block the opponents and make long passes, dribbles, lobs, and much more.

Training Mode

The best way to get to grip on the game control scheme is to play Training mode. Training mode not only provides you the training for  improving your passing and shooting skills it also allows you to practice penalty shootouts, free kicks, and saves .

Multiplayer Mode

Althrough you cannot earn coins by playing Multiplayer mode but it is still a good way to improve your skills playing games against other human players.

How To Get Coins For Free

Yes,in Dream League Soccer Game there are many ways to earn coins for free.The best and simple way to earn coin is to connect your game to twitter or facebook by which u can earn 10 coins for each.The 2nd way is that you can earn coins by watching ad videos and you will be surprised to get 30 coins for each video you watch.Advertisements usually refresh for every two hours and you can watch as many as ad videos that the game serve up.Completing the game objectives also allows you to earn some coins.

How To Heal Your Injured Players

You can heal your players who are injured during the match and regain their health by spending some coins for them.In general healing an injured person with a lower health bar.

For healing the injured player in Dream League Soccer Game Review 2020,firstly go to Team Management then tap on player card.Then a battery icon will appear at bottom right corner of your screen,tap on it and your player will reach 100% health.Coins spent on an injured person depends on the health meter of that person.In general as the health meter is low then more coins are required to heal him and same applies here.