How can I make my saree look modern?

How can I make my saree look modern?

Simply drape the saree over your dhoti pant in a way that you make pleats and tuck them perfectly in the centre. You can either choose to cover the front bodice with pallu or wear a crop top over it. Either way, you will rock in a dhoti pant style saree. You can pick a sleek waist belt to accentuate it more.

How can I look stylish in saree?

5 Important Tips to Look Elegant in Saree

  1. Choose the Right Fabric to elevate your appearance.
  2. Opting for a particular color can make you look amazing.
  3. Getting the Blouse Right Matters.
  4. The Style of Drape can make or break your look.
  5. Complement your Saree with Beautiful Accessories.

Which saree style is best?

There are a number of ways a saree is draped in different parts of India and here are our top picks of the most traditional styles.

  • Atpoure shari.
  • Nauvari saree.
  • Seedha pallu.
  • Mekhela chadar.
  • Pinkosu.
  • Kappulu.
  • Gol saree (Parsi drape)
  • Halakki Vokkaliga.

What should I wear on saree?

Wear a petticoat, embellished blouse, and strap on your favourite sandals. Tuck your saree into the petticoat. Make pleats at the waist and fix them at the centre. Wrap the saree around you in one round, and drape it across your chest.

What kind of Jewellery should I wear with saree?

A saree with silver zari looks best with silver or diamond jewellery while a saree with gold work teams up well with gold jewellery. South Indian coin jewellery works well with designer sarees. Gold plated jewellery will match all your traditional sarees.

How can I look girly in saree?

If you want to look girly, prioritize girly patterns like florals, stripes, and swirls. Additionally, look for clothing in more traditionally “girly” colors, like pastels or bright colors. You can also try to glam up your clothes by adding accessories like jewelry or a fun belt.

What is petticoat in saree?

A petticoat is essentially a long skirt worn beneath a saree so that one can drape and tuck the saree in it. Petticoats are made of extremely light materials, usually cotton and satin. Nowadays, Indian designers have begun to experiment with petticoats.

How do you carry a saree gracefully?

These are seven simple ways you can wear saree:

  1. Double Pallu. One is never enough.
  2. Waist Belt Saree. This is a very common style these days.
  3. Extreme Shoulder Pallu. Bring the pallu to the extreme end of the shoulder where you want to secure it.
  4. Pallu Entwining the Neck.
  5. Right Side Pallu.
  6. Saree with Dupatta.
  7. Twisted Pallu.

How to wear saree for beginners?

Jhumkas. Jhumka earrings are the most ethnic form of earrings and are a go-to accessory while accessorizing a saree or any ethnic outfit.…

  • Tassel Earrings. Tassel earrings are chic and modish.…
  • Danglers.…
  • Drop Earrings.…
  • Studs.…
  • Long Earrings.
  • How to wear a saree perfectly?

    How to Wear A Saree Perfectly – Step by Step Procedure – Use a chiffon or georgette saree, for this method. Tuck the end of the saree (non- pallu end) on the…

    How to drape a saree?

    – Brides wear RED when they get married, as it’s a sign of fertility. – White symbolizes purity. – Yellow is for prosperity. – Green denotes Nature and Godliness. – Black looks amazing but may not be worn on auspicious days.

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