How did NFAK died?

How did NFAK died?

Cardiac arrestNusrat Fateh Ali Khan / Cause of deathCardiac arrest is a sudden loss of blood flow throughout the body resulting from the failure of the heart to pump effectively. It is a rapidly fatal medical emergency requiring immediate intervention with cardiopulmonary resuscitation until further treatment can be provided. Wikipedia

Where is NFAK buried?

Faisalabad, PakistanNusrat Fateh Ali Khan / Place of burialFaisalabad, formerly known as Lyallpur named after the founder of the city is the third-most-populous city in Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore respectively, and the second-largest in the eastern province of Punjab. Wikipedia

Why is music haram Shia?

Just like all Muslims (we Muslims are one) Music is not recommended. However, in the months of Moharram as well as Safar, it is a sin to celebrate, dance, party and listen to music. This is due to the suffering of the grandson of Muhammad. Hussain gave his life (he was alone against an army of 30, 000.

What are some interesting facts about the Qamar Ali Darvesh?

The interesting fact about the stone is , if 11 people touch their finger to the stone and shout the name “Qamar Ali Darvesh”, the stone flies up in the air. This is a huge stone weighting around 200kg. This claim is yet to be scientifically proved. According to popular belief Qamar Ali was a famous Sufi Saint and was renowned for his miracles. .

Was Qamar Ali a gentle man?

The story goes that Qamar Ali was born into a family of middle-class Muslims whose menfolk prided themselves on their muscular prowess. Qamar Ali, unlike his aggressive older brothers, was introspective and gentle.

What is Mudasser Qureshi?

Mudasser Qureshi (guest) This is a place where 7 people by taking Kamar ali saint s name,can lift a stone of around 50 to 60 kgs(weight exactly not known)infront of his shrine with one single finger (1 into 7). Its a miracle which is still exists .Every one who have this opportunity to visit shivapur or pune in his way should visit this place.