How do I choose a guiding catheter?

How do I choose a guiding catheter?

Performance of a guiding catheter can be assessed based on three factors: (1) easy and rapid engagement without specific manipulation, (2) strong backup force, and (3) safety not causing complications such as coronary or aortic dissection. An ideal guiding catheter should be easy to manipulate, supportive, and safe.

What is the difference between a guiding catheter and a diagnostic catheter?

Guides have a shorter, more angulated tip and a larger internal diameter than similar diagnostic catheters. The larger internal diameter facilitates equipment delivery and contrast injection.

What is a guiding catheter?

The Medtronic Guiding Catheter is designed to provide a pathway through which therapeutic devices are introduced. The guiding catheter is intended to be used in the coronary or peripheral vascular system.

How do you engage an EBU guide?

1 Manipulation Method of EBU Catheter in Normal Conditions. The best view to engage an EBU catheter is LAO 45 or LAO caudal view. The basic methods to engage the EBU GC to LM ostium is the “rotating and pulling” or “Advancing and forming U shape”.

What are guide wires and catheters?

Guidewires and catheters are used during minimally invasive interventional procedures to traverse in vascular system and access the desired position. Computer models are increasingly being used to predict the behavior of these instruments.

How do you engage RCA?

In order to engage the SVG-to-RCA, the catheter is positioned above the level of the RCA, then pulled with a counterclockwise rotation. As opposed to what may make intuitive sense, counterclockwise torquing is used to engage the SVG-to-RCA rather than clockwise torquing.

What is a Cobra catheter?

The Cobra catheter is typically used for catheterization of down-going vessels such as the visceral arteries, but it may not work well if the target vessel is steeply angled. Cobra-type catheters are advanced by pushing and removed by pulling.

What is a Jacky catheter?

(A) Jacky Optitorque catheter (Terumo Interventional Systems) is ideal for radial access procedures, because its shape enables both left and right coronary entry without the need for catheter exchanges.

What guide wires allow?

Guidewires (solid wires navigated within the vascular system / extra- vascular tract) act as a lead point for catheters, allowing operators to traverse along a given vessel / track. General Types of Guidewires: Starting guidewires – used for catheter introduction and some procedures.