How do I enrich my resume?

How do I enrich my resume?

7 Creative Ways to Greatly Improve Your ResumeMake a great first impression. Select specific industries, businesses, and disciplines. Highlight your expertise, capabilities, skills, and successes. Improve readability. Quantify your career, job, and work life accomplishments. Polish and showcase accomplishments. Resume length.

How do you put class projects on your resume?

A “Class Projects” section can be treated very similarly to other work experience sections. You will list the project name, the institution where you completed the project, location and length of time.

How do I explain my project in interview?

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How do I begin to explain a project?

Start with an overview – just the gist of what the project was all about, i.e. title or concept and purpose. Explain the step by step process of what you did in order to make the project successful. Mention if there were any issues encountered during the process and what you have done about it.