How do I load content on a scroll?

How do I load content on a scroll?

How to use it:

  1. Load the Infinite Scroll Pagination plugin after you load the latest version of jQuery library.
  2. Define your content in a JSON file from which the plugin fetches and appends more content to the bottom exisitng content when scrolling down the page.
  3. Create a container to hold your content.

How do I show the contents of a scroll?

First wrap whatever your text or content that you want to show on scroll, in one div so that you can show hide the div depending upon the scroll. Write two classes for your target div. Hope it will solve your problem.

How do I load a div to scroll?

Just get the div id from query string and on page load pass it to above code like: $(‘#’ + divToScrollTo). offset(). top , where divToScrollTo is js variable where we have stored the query string value.

How do you make a div appear on a scroll?


  1. myID = document. getElementById(“myID”);
  2. var myScrollFunc = function () {
  3. var y = window. scrollY;
  4. if (y >= 800) {
  5. myID. className = “bottomMenu show”
  6. } else {
  7. myID. className = “bottomMenu hide”

How do you animate elements on a scroll?

Start by targeting all the reveal elements using document. querySelectorAll() . The scrolling animation needs to be triggered when it comes into view so we need to determine the element’s position on the page, that is, the distance of the element from the top of the viewport. getBoundingClientRect().

How get scroll count in jQuery?

ready(function(){ var scrollPos = 0; var Counter = 0; $(window). scroll(function(){ var scrollPosCur = $(this). scrollTop(); if (scrollPosCur > scrollPos) { Counter -= 1; } else { Counter += 1; } scrollPos = scrollPosCur; }); });

How do I know which div is scrolling?

Right click on it and select inspect element. That should give you the information you need.