How do I sign up for GOQii?

How do I sign up for GOQii?

Getting Started with GOQii

  1. SIGN UP. Sign Up for your coaching subscription plan and your free GOQii Band.
  2. DOWNLOAD APP. Once you receive your band, download the GOQii app and input your activation code to start your program.

Is GOQii a good brand?

Top positive review Goqii offers unmatched ecosystem. The band and the coaching is something no other product offers. The band is of good material and the tracker also does its job daily well. Made in china: i just wish goqii could make these bands in india itself.

Is GOQii Chinese company?

“Currently GOQii is designed and developed in India and manufactured in China. Founded in 2014, GOQii makes fitness wearables that also provide services like health and nutrition advice.

Is GOQii subscription mandatory?

It is more like a subscription to a virtual gym which you can use at your own convenience ! At the end of the first year you, if you don’t plan to renew the subscription, you can still use the GOQii band and GOQii application for free without the coach service.

Is GOQii app free?

GOQii app is free to download and use.

What is GOQii life plan?

GOQii uses an advance fitness band, which has precision motion sensors and algorithms to determine the Time, Date, Progress, Steps Taken, Active Time, Distance, Calories burned, Karma Points, Time Asleep, Alarm and Goal Completed. This information syncs with the GOQii app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

What is GOQii element?

About this item Exercise Tracker The ‘Exercise Mode’ on the new GOQii tracker enables you to track and monitor your steps, heart rate and time duration of your activities. Auto Sleep Tracking Real-time monitoring and analysis of sleeping heart rate and breathing, for sleep quality tracking at a glance.

Is GOQii blood pressure accurate?

For the BP tracker, GOQii claims that it has an accuracy of around 94 percent. The company claims the blood oxygen monitor in the watch is 97 percent accurate.

Who is the CEO of GOQii?

Vishal Gondal
Vishal Gondal (Hindi: Vishal गोंडल) (born 14 July 1976) is an Indian entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the founder and CEO of GOQii (pronounced Go-Key)….

Vishal Gondal
Born 14 July 1976 Mumbai, India
Alma mater Mumbai University
Occupation Entrepreneur Venture Capitalist
Title CEO GOQii, Ex CEO Indiagames

How do I register an account with the GOQii app?

As soon as you open the GOQii App, you will be prompted to either register an account with an e-mail address or to log in through a social network that you are already registered with (including Google+, Facebook and Twitter) Can I chat with other GOQii users through the GOQii App?

What is the GOQii Life program?

The GOQii Life program has been designed by the GOQii Experts who constantly work along with Coaches to help you achieve your goals. The experts are available for consult via the GOQii App. GOQii Doctor is a board certified general practitioner that can give you preventive consults over a mail or a phone call.

What is GOQii cash?

Our unique health rewards program GOQii Cash brings you loads of benefits, for just being healthy. Our smart preventive health ecosystem combines a Fitness Tracker, an App, Care Team including a Personal Coach, Experts and a Doctor to help you meet your health targets.

How do I link my GOQii band to my account?

Turn on the bluetooth on your mobile device and keep your GOQii band close to your phone, GOQii app will search and link our GOQii band to your account, tap on the screen of our GOQii band when you see the link icon. Please ensure that the battery is charged atleast 60% before linking.