How do I validate a UK postcode?

How do I validate a UK postcode?

Use this page to validate a UK postcode against a list of known existing postcodes. Type the postcode below and click Validate. The result will then be displayed to confirm if the postcode is valid or not. Postcodes must be in uppercase.

What are the different UK postcode formats?

Example UK Postcode formats 1 M1 1AA 2 M60 1NW 3 CR2 6XH 4 DN55 1PT 5 W1P 1HQ 6 EC1A 1BB

How do I match a postcode in the UK?

Wikipedia tells us UK postcodes can use the following formats (‘A’ stands for any letter, and ‘9’ for any digit): To match any of these patterns, we can use the following regular expression: /^ [a-zA-Z] {1,2} ( [0-9] {1,2}| [0-9] [a-zA-Z])\\s* [0-9] [a-zA-Z] {2}$/ Let’s decompose this so we know what it’s doing:

How do you prepare valid lists to be used in outcode?

1) We prepare valid lists to be used for each character position that we will be checking. The valid values for the first character in the outcode are alpha characters “A” through “Z”, except for “C”,”I”,”K”,”M”,”O”,”V”. In my list constructions, I wrapped the List.Buffer function around some of the lists.

UK Postcode Validation Regex

  1. One letter followed by a second letter that must be one of ABCDEFGHJ. KLMNOPQRSTUVWXY(i.e..not I or Z) and then followed by either one or two.
  2. One letter followed by one number and then another letter.
  3. A two part post code where the first part must be:
  4. AND.

What is the zip code for UK?

The current postal code (postal code) range of the United Kingdom (UK) is: AB10 1 – ZE3 9. The lowest 5-digit postal code (AB10 1) starts in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Which type of validation check could be used for a field containing a postcode?

ONSPD can be reliably used as a postcode validation service so long as data currency is not a prohibitive factor.

How many UK postcodes are there?

1.8 million postcodes
There are approximately 1.8 million postcodes in the UK and approximately 30 million individual postal addresses. Each separate postcode usually identifies the address to within 80 properties (with an average of 15 properties per postcode), although large businesses may have a unique code.

How long are UK postcodes?

The postcode is a combination of between five and seven letters/numbers, which define four different levels of geographic unit. It is part of a coding system created and used by the Royal Mail across the United Kingdom for sorting mail.

What is the zip code on a UK card?

A credit card zip code is the specific zip code associated with your billing address and will appear on your bank account statement. When you receive a debit card from your card issuer, you are required to register the card with a billing address, usually your home address.

How can data be validated?

Common types of data validation checks include:

  1. Data Type Check. A data type check confirms that the data entered has the correct data type.
  2. Code Check. A code check ensures that a field is selected from a valid list of values or follows certain formatting rules.
  3. Range Check.
  4. Format Check.
  5. Consistency Check.
  6. Uniqueness Check.

What is a BX postcode?

BX. The non-geographic postcode area BX has been introduced for addresses which do not include a locality: this allows large organisations long-term flexibility as to where they receive their mail.