How do you beat Chapter 8 on portal?

How do you beat Chapter 8 on portal?


  1. Shoot portals on the Conversion Gels on both sides and go through the portal.
  2. Go through the door.
  3. Place the other portal on the floor and go through it.
  4. Fire a portal at the end of the Excursion Funnel above.
  5. Push the Switch.
  6. Now the gel should flow in the Funnel.

How many chapters does portal 2 have?

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How do you smuggle the Companion cube in Portal 2?

Proceed to the chamber, jump over the Thermal Discouragement Beam and pick up the Companion Cube. Look up and wait for the second companion cube to fall. When it does, pick it up and block the beam with it (it will fizzle). Wait for the third cube to fall and take it to the beam to block it.

How to beat Portal 2?

Com) made a whole series on how to beat portal 2. But if you need the explanation: Step one: Find the redirection cube. Shoot a portal underneath where it is 2. ) shoot a portal somewhere else in the room 3. ) pick up the cube, walk to the laser and slowly rotate until you shoot the laser into the hole 4.) walk up the Panels, and shoot a portal

What are the characters in Portal 2?

Chell is the silent protagonist in the Portal video game series developed by Valve Corporation. She appears in both Portal and Portal 2 as the main player character.

What is Portal 2 story?

Portal 2 is the sequel to the award winning and hugely successful Portal developed by Valve Corporation. It features a single-player story set after the events of Portal’s story; and a brand-new Co-op game mode, featuring additional test chambers designed specifically for Co-operative play.

What is Portal 2 PC game?

Portal 2 is a first-person perspective puzzle game. The player takes the role of Chell in the single-player campaign, as one of two robots—Atlas and P-Body—in the cooperative campaign, or as a simplistic humanoid icon in community-developed puzzles.