How do you describe fraternity on a resume?

How do you describe fraternity on a resume?

Put it in your activities or volunteering sections If you want to indicate your affiliation, but don’t want to dedicate a lot of space on your resume to Greek Life, add an entry to your Activities or Volunteering section. Use this option if: You didn’t hold significant positions in your fraternity or sorority.

Should you put sorority on resume?

Students often want to know if they should add Greek life to their resumes, and if so, how they can highlight such experiences in professional and relevant ways. It is recommended that you always include sorority or fraternity information on your resume, as many components of your membership are selling points.

What is Chi Omega known for?

Chi Omega is an “intergenerational women’s organization” that states its founding purposes as: “friendship, personal integrity, service to others, academic excellence and intellectual pursuits, community and campus involvement and personal and career development”.

What should a sorority resume look like?

The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment: How to Write a ResumeMake your name jump from the paper when someone looks at the resume. Include your contact information. Include a picture of yourself. DO include your weighted & unweighted GPA and class rank. Please include your college and intended major. Keep your activities and involvement short and sweet.

How do you rush a sorority?

Rush usually consists of a few rounds. During these rounds, sisters meet potential new members. The women talk, perform skits, sing songs and share personal stories about what the sisterhood means to them. As rush progresses, potential new members and sororities list their choices in order of preference.

What goes in a sorority packet?

There are several items you need to include in your recruitment packet.A copy of your social resume — Read about social resumes HERE.A cover letter — Read about cover letters for sorority recruitment HERE. A copy of your ACT/ SAT scores.A copy of your high school transcript.A picture of yourself.

How do you list a sorority on a resume?

Adding a Sorority or Fraternity to Your ResumeAdd Fraternity to Your Professional Experience.Incorporate Fraternity Into Your Volunteering or Activities Section.Begin with the Job.Highlight What You Want to Showcase.List Your Accomplishments.Be Relatable.It Demonstrates Transferable Skills.It Showcases Civic Engagement.

What is a sorority packet?

A Recruitment Information Packet, also known as a Recommendation Packet or Sorority Packet, is a compilation of all the information an alumna of a sorority needs in order to write a Letter of Recommendation for a Potential New Member (that’s you!).

How do you write a sorority cover letter?

The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself, share the “why” behind your decision to go through the sorority recruitment process, and communicate important notes and/or deadlines. Use the first paragraph of your cover letter to introduce yourself and give thanks.

How do you write a sorority recommendation?

A typical sorority recommendation letter should consist of 4-5 paragraphs, including an introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The letter must always begin with the salutation “To whom it may concern”.

How do you write a good interest letter for a sorority?

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Why should I join a sorority?

Joining a sorority is like joining a big family. You’ll gain hundreds of sister within your campus’ chapter, other schools’ chapters, and alumni around the world. This makes it easy to make friends and have support, even as a new kid on campus. Most friendships you make in Greek life will last a lifetime.

Is it worth being in a sorority?

Fraternity and sorority membership helps young men and women cultivate leadership skills, gain a sense of social identity, and learn to play well with others. Fraternity and sorority membership helps young men and women cultivate leadership skills, gain a sense of social identity, and learn to play well with others.

Should I join a sorority if I’m shy?

Just because you are shy doesn’t mean you have to be shy by yourself! Let’s put it this way: You shouldn’t prevent yourself from joining a sorority because you’re shy. Being in a sorority may be a good fit for you and it may help you find a community at your new school, or it may not.

Why should I not join a sorority?

1. Only So Much Time in the Day. If you join a sorority say goodbye to a social life, or at least any social life outside of the sorority. With all the volunteer work, meetings, parties and other shenanigans sororities are involved with, there really isn’t any time to expose yourself to things outside of Greek life.

Do sororities care about looks?

6 Look Hot Always Rank among the Greek life is based on appearance, both physically and within the Greek world. A lot of sororities have rules about dress, hair, and makeup, but many sororities will also take in women who simply fit the mould they’ve set out.

How do I know if my sorority is right for me?

How to Know When a Sorority House Is Right for YouYou feel comfortable. The women are your role models. The sisters remind you of your friends from home. You can visualize yourself in the house. You have the best conversations with them. You’re not doing it because of prestige. The sorority fits your personality and values. It’s not based solely on rush week activities.

Is it possible to not get into a sorority?

Quota is set by the Panhellenic Council, which governs the sororities, as the the maximum each can accept as pledges. The sorority system at that school doesn’t guarantee a bid to everyone. If you really want to be a member of a sorority then your chances are better at a school with guaranteed bids.

What is the most elite sorority?

The Most Prestigious Sororities Across the CountryBiggest: Chi Omega. Most Historic: Alpha Kappa Alpha. Most Celebrity Alums: Kappa Alpha Theta. Most Devoted to Public Service: Delta Sigma Theta. Oldest: Alpha Delta Pi. Best Sorority House: Phi Mu. Most Undergraduate Chapters: Alpha Omicron Pi.

What to do if you don’t get into a sorority?

Join other clubs Greek life doesn’t have to be the only thing you do. I’m sure you have other interests than frat parties and sisterhood. So, go out for an intramural or join a student org. If your sorority doesn’t look like it’s going to be the place you make your best friends, there are other options.