How do you draw up IV morphine?

How do you draw up IV morphine?

Draw up 1 mL (10 mg morphine in 1 mL) and add 9 mL sodium chloride 0.9% to make a final volume of 10 mL with a concentration of 1000 microgram/mL. Administration CONTINUOUS IV INFUSION: Via syringe driver. IV BOLUS: Administer over 5 minutes. Flush with 1 mL sodium chloride 0.9% before and after injection.

How do you administer IV bolus of morphine?

A pulse oximetry monitor must be available and placed on the patient. The prescribed dose of morphine should be administered as a ‘push’ from the 10 mL syringe via a 3-way-tap. The tap should be turned off to the morphine syringe between boluses. The bolus dose must not exceed the recommended bolus size.

Does IV morphine need dilution?

IV morphine is prepared by the dilution of 1 mL morphine (10 mg/mL) with 9 mL saline (0.9%), in a syringe.

Do you need to dilute Dilaudid?

The safer way to administer through a running IV is to pause your pump, flush the line, administer your medication through the hub closest to the patient, flush at the prescribed rate of administration for the medication, then restart your pump. So, you see there is no need to dilute the drug.

How do you give morphine IV push?

I would also draw the appropriate dose of the Morphine up in a 10 cc syringe then draw up the rest with NSS. 75 Posts At my facility we give morphine IV push through a saline lock simply flushing before and after administration. We give it very slowly and I have had no complaints.

How long does it take to administer morphine?

For intravenous administration it is important to inject morphine slowly over a period of 4 to 5 minutes with the patient in the recumbent position.

How much morphine is in a syringe?

The cost of morphine included in the model was its ex-VAT public selling price in 2016 in EU5. The model considers that morphine is administered as four doses as part of a typical dose-titration procedure [6–10,16–18]. IV morphine is prepared by the dilution of 1 mL morphine (10 mg/mL) with 9 mL saline (0.9%), in a syringe.

What are the input categories for morphine administration?

The input categories were as follows: analgesic administered IV, workforce time spent on IV morphine administration and monitoring the patient, material needed for the IV administration, adverse events reported during administration of IV morphine and complications of IV administration (Table 1).