How do you put AutoCAD on a resume?

How do you put AutoCAD on a resume?

These Autocad skills are always in high demand:Designing Applications: Autodesk AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, etc.Drafting methods.3D Software Tools.X-refs.Layer Management.Pro-E/CREO, Creo Schematics, etc.Civil Works Drafting and Drawing: Trenching, Channeling, Crossings, etc.

Where do I put my skills on my resume?

To include skills on a functional resume, create a separate skill section that lists your successes with key skills relevant to the position for which you’re applying. Any professional experience you do have should go below your skills section.

What are the 8 elements of critical thinking?

The 8 Elements of The Critical Thinking ProcessReflection.Analysis.Acquisition of information.Creativity.Structuring arguments.Decision making.Commitment.Debate.

What are the 8 parts of thinking?

Terms in this set (8)Purpose. What you are trying to accomplish. Question. the problem or issue that is guiding our thinking.Information. Interpretation and Inferences. Concepts. Assumptions. Implications and Consequences. Point of View.

What is a fair minded thinker?

Fair-minded people employ clear and sensible thinking. They examine both sides of an issue before forming an opinion. Furthermore, fair-minded people make decisions based on hard evidence and reason rather than emotion; they know the whole story rather than just some of the facts.