How do you say get in touch?

How do you say get in touch?

get in touch with

  1. approach.
  2. call.
  3. connect.
  4. phone.
  5. reach.
  6. talk.
  7. telephone.
  8. visit.

Did you get in touch with meaning?

be in touch with (someone) To communicate or be communicating with someone.

What does it mean to be in touch with someone?

1 : in a state in which people communicate with each other especially by calling or writing to each other We kept/stayed in touch after college. They keep in touch by email. —often + with I’ll be in touch with you later this week.

What to say instead of get in touch?

Synonyms of get in touch with

  • address,
  • communicate (with),
  • contact,
  • get,
  • reach.

Is get in touch formal?

More formal: I will contact you shortly. “Get in touch” is an informal way to say “contact.”

What does get in mean?

to succeed in entering a place, especially by using force or a trick: They must have got in through the bathroom window. More examples. The doors and windows had been bricked up to prevent squatters from getting in. He banged his head on the car as he was getting in.

Is get in touch informal?

“Get in touch” is an informal way to say “contact.”

Is it get in contact or get into contact?

Definition of come in/into contact with 1 : to touch (something) Do not let your skin come in/into contact with the acid. 2 : to see and begin began communicating with (someone) It was during that time that native people first came in/into contact with the settlers.

What is an example of sth done?

Have something done

  • Theresa had her hair cut. She didn’t cut her hair herself, she went to the hairdresser.
  • John is going to have his car serviced. He isn’t servicing it himself, he is taking it to the garage.
  • How often do you have your apartment cleaned? How often do you use cleaning services?

How can I use better in a sentence?

Getting-better sentence example

  1. I thought she was getting better .
  2. Destiny is getting better .
  3. I am getting better .
  4. Carmen thought Destiny was getting better because she was no longer coughing.
  5. We’re getting better at tracking them, but haven’t been able to stop them.

Why people say get in?

It’s Cockney Rhyming Slang, as used in parts of East London, and means having a laugh. To put the term in context, it is a way if asking if someone is being serious or whether they are joking with you.

How to use get in touch in a sentence?

get in touch in a sentence. Q : How can I get in touch with the Christian Coalition? It was the only way people could get in touch with him. People use the rodeo to get in touch with their rural roots. It took days for Denise to get in touch with the doctors. Q : How can I get in touch with singer

What does, ‘keep in touch mean’?

Keep in touch is an idiom. “In touch” means “in or into communication”. In business, keep in touch usually means “keep posting information to each other”. For close friends, I usually take it as “let’s stay close” (as in close friends), by making a call or writing (or tweet, post, etc.) to each other from time to time.

What is another word for getting in touch?

Synonyms for get in touch include contact, communicate, write, call, phone, telephone, e-mail, drop a line, ring up and touch base. Find more similar words at!

What does the idiom get in touch mean?

get in touch with (something) To become sensitive to or aware of something. Over the years, Joe has really gotten in touch with his emotions—he has no problem talking about how he feels. See also: get, touch. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved. See also: