How do you spell Logie?

How do you spell Logie?

noun. An award for excellence in the Australian television industry, presented annually. ‘Holly sobbed, in what was destined to be a Logie clip moment. ‘

What are some examples of logy?

An example of logy is a family after eating a big Thanksgiving dinner. An example of logy is the disoriented feeling after a long sleep. Logy is defined as a particular branch or field. An example of logy used as a suffix is in the word biology, the study of living matter.

How do you spell loggie?

Definition of ‘loggie’

What is another word for logy?

What is another word for logy?

tired exhausted
fatigued weary
knackered wearied
burned-out drained
enervated pooped

What is a Logie?

noun (2) lo·​gie | \ ˈlōgē \ plural -s. Definition of logie (Entry 2 of 2) : a piece of imitation jewelry designed for use in theater productions.

What does Logie mean in Australia?

/ (ˈləʊɡɪ) / noun. (in Australia) one of the awards made annually for outstanding television performances.

What is Loggy?

slow, sluggish, or listless.

What does Logie mean?

What does ogy mean?


Acronym Definition
OGY Ott, Grebogi, and Yorke

What is the opposite of logy?

Opposite of feeling drowsy and lazy. alert. awake. conscious. wakeful.

What is logy in Greek?

-logy is a suffix in the English language, used with words originally adapted from Ancient Greek ending in -λογία (-logia). The suffix has the sense of “the character or deportment of one who speaks or treats of [a certain subject]”, or more succinctly, “the study of [a certain subject]”.

What does the word logy mean?

What does logy mean in Latin? word-forming element meaning “a speaking, discourse, treatise, doctrine, theory, science,” from Greek -logia (often via French -logie or Medieval Latin -logia), from -log-, combining form of legein ” to speak , tell;” thus, “the character or deportment of one who speaks or treats of (a certain subject);” from PIE root *

What does logy mean in medical terms?

cardi- pertaining to the heart.

  • acardia. being born without a heart.
  • cardio. exercise with the heart.
  • cardiologist. a doctor who specializes in the study or treatment of the heart.
  • cardiac. relating or related to the heart.
  • cardiogenic.
  • cardiogram.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
  • What does the prefix logy mean?

    the root word nouns that refer to kinds of speech, writing or collections of writing, e.g., eulogy or trilogy. In words of this type, the “-logy” element is derived from the Greek noun λόγος ( logos, ‘speech’, ‘account’, ‘story’). The suffix has the sense of ” [a certain kind of] speaking or writing”.

    What does logy mean medical?

    What does ologist mean in medical terms? Suffix meaning 1. The study of the subject noted in the body of the word, or a treatise on the same; the English equivalent is -logy, or, with a connecting vowel, – ology [G. logos, discourse, treatise].