How do you use utilize in a sentence?

How do you use utilize in a sentence?

Utilize Sentence Examples

  1. She will only utilize it for common good.
  2. If I can somehow utilize this gift I can’t do it without all your help.
  3. Cynthia continued to utilize her camera, apologizing for her time-consuming perfectionism.

Why do people say utilized?

‘Utilize’ is typically used to suggest a new, profitable, or practical use for something. But English speakers have been finding -ize useful since the 16th century, and words that employ it come in handy every day (for example, authorize, capitalize, realize, and stabilize).

What’s the difference between using and utilizing?

Meaning. Use means to employ something to achieve a purpose. Utilize means to employ something to achieve a purpose that is not originally intended from it.

How do you use welled in a sentence?

Tears welled up in her eyes. Tears welled up in her eyes, blurring the shaking hands. Rage welled up as he went to find her.

Has been utilized meaning?

To utilize is to use what you have or what’s available, and it’s a three-syllable word meaning the same thing as the one-syllable “use.” You can utilize a shorter word to make a sentence easier to read.

What does it mean to identify with others?

(phrasal verb) in the sense of relate to. Definition. to understand and sympathize with a person or group because one regards oneself as being similar or similarly situated. She would only play the role if she could identify with the character.

Why utilize is a bad word?

It means employing any old thing to achieve your goal, whether or not you use that any old thing for its intended purpose. So if you are not actually creating an alternate use for something, utilize is the wrong word.

Is utilize ever better than use?

Both words come from the Latin root util–, but use is the much older word in English. Though derived from the same Latin root, its origin is much closer to that of “utility” and has a narrower definition. Therefore, use can always be used, but utilize should only be used when indicating a creative use.

When should you use utilize?

Utilize can be used when indicating that the application is beyond its original intended use. For instance, “I use my frying pan to cook with, but I have utilized it as a weapon.” The intended use of a frying pan is for cooking, so the proper word here is use.

How do you use employ in a sentence?

The boutique was looking to employ fashion designers. To frost the cake, the baker decided to employ a spatula. Looking to employ college students, the local coffee shop was putting up fliers. The artist had to employ a hammer to open his paint cans. She would often employ vinegar to help keep the bugs out of her garden.

How to use “involving” in a sentence?

Shift or rotate instructions involving more than 33 steps can be used for simulating time delays. One extraordinarily sporting boy had a wound right through his neck, involving his swallowing. An arduous ceremonial, involving worship and devotional preparation, is the means.

How to use “utility” in a sentence?

use “utilities” in a sentence The price of public utilities such as electricity and gas are relatively cheap in this country. The government is planning to nationalize utilities such as electricity and oil, in order to control prices and production. The rent for our new apartment is a bit more than I’d wanted to pay, but the utilities are included, so I think it’s a good deal.

How to use “pursuing” in a sentence?

use “pursuing” in a sentence I want to spend rest of the life pursuing my ideals. Although C?line Dion is wildly popular internationally, she is sometimes scorned in her Quebec home for pursuing her singing career in English. It can be hard to balance the different needs of raising a family and pursuing a career.