How does load tap changer work?

How does load tap changer work?

The purpose of a tap changer is to regulate the output voltage of a transformer. It does this by altering the number of turns in one winding and thereby changing the turns ratio of the transformer. An OLTC varies the transformer ratio while the transformer is energized and carrying load. …

Why tap changers are provided on HV side of a transformer?

The tap changer is placed on high voltage side because: Because of high voltage the current through the HV winding is less compared to LV windings, hence there is less “wear” on the tap changer contacts. Due this low current, in on load tap changer the change over spark will be less.

Why the load is disconnected before the off load tap changing operation?

Since the taps are provided at various points in the winding single tap must be connected at a time otherwise it will lead to short circuit. Hence the selector switch is operated after disconnecting the load.To prevent unauthorized operation of an off load tap changer, mechanical lock is provided.

What is off nominal turns ratio?

The off-nominal tap ratio determines the additional transformation relative to the nominal transformation. This value normally ranges from 0.9 to 1.1 (1.0 corresponds to no additional transformation). For phase-shifting transformers the phase shift value normally ranges from about -40° to 40°.

What are transformer taps Why are the used?

Transformers are normally provided with taps to adjust the turns ratio to compensate for this supply variance. This will allow the output voltage to be closer to the rated output voltage when the input voltage is off rated voltage. What is a Tap? Each turn on both the high and low voltage coils has the same voltage.

What is tap setting of transformer?

Using a tap changes the voltage ratio of a transformer so that its secondary voltage stays at nominal. On large power transformers, taps on the primary are used to offset any higher or lower input voltages. These tap connections are usually set at the factory for nominal line voltage.

How does on load tap changer work?

Switch 3 closes,an off-load operation.

  • Rotary switch turns,breaking one connection and supplying load current through diverter resistor A.
  • Rotary switch continues to turn,connecting between contacts A and B.
  • Rotary switch continues to turn,breaking contact with diverter A.
  • Rotary switch continues to turn,shorting diverter B.
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    (a) The tap-changer has come from tap 7 and is presently connected at tap 6 and shall connect to tap 5.

  • Selector arm H moves from tap 7 to tap 5.
  • The diverter switch engages the resistor,the load current from tap 6 go through Ry.
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