How fast is a Honda s90?

How fast is a Honda s90?

The top speed was claimed to be 64 mph, and the engine is rated at 8 horsepower….Honda Sport 90.

Manufacturer Honda
Engine 89.6 cc (5.47 cu in) SOHC 2-valve 4-stroke, air-cooled
Transmission manual 4-speed; chain final drive
Suspension Front: telescopic Rear: Swingarm
Brakes Front and Rear, Internal Expansion Type (drum)

Do they still make Honda C90?

Here in the UK the C90 was discontinued years ago, however, and is now a desirable classic.

When did the Honda 90 come out?

The Honda CT90 was a small step-through motorcycle manufactured by Honda from 1966 to 1979. It was offered in two models: Trail or X with the main variations being gear ratios and tyre style.

Did Honda ever make a 65?

Like most small Hondas of the time, the S65 (also sometimes known as the Honda CS65) owes much of its upbringing to the granddaddy of tiddlers, the C100 and its sporty C110 derivative.

What is a 1969 Honda Trail 90 worth?


Excellent $2,600
Very Good $1,550
Good $935
Fair $650
Poor N/A

What was the first Honda truck?

The T360 is a pickup truck from Honda. Introduced in June 1963, it was Honda’s first production automobile, beating the S500 Sports by four months.

Is there a 1969 Honda S90 motorcycle up for sale?

Hello all, up for sale is a 1969 Honda S90 motorcycle. This has been a fun project bike but I’m moving and she needs a new home. Almost all original, has original battery cover and original chrome airbox. New OEM muffler and petcock, and rebuilt carburetor.

When was the first S90 made?

Honda S90 – Introduction. A brief introduction to the Honda S90. The Honda S90 was produced in Japan from 1964 to 1969. The ‘S’ stood for super as this was the fastest, sportiest model in a range of 90cc Honda’s produced at the time. The other 90cc bikes in Honda’s line up included, the CT90, CL90, CD90 and of course the C90.

What kind of engine does a Honda sport 90 have?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Honda Sport 90, Super 90, or S90, is a 90 cc Honda motorcycle ultra lightweight new design motorcycle, the engine based on the Honda Super Cub, and was made from 1964 to 1969. The motorcycle continued in production In various forms for example the S90Z in Indonesia.

What kind of transmission does a 1969 Honda SL90 have?

First things first, this is a One Year Only bike (model year 1969). It is an SL90. Not a 70, or a 100, or a 125. SL 90. It has a 4 speed manual (one down three up) transmission, equipped on this platform only in the S, CL and SL versions.