How high can cherry pickers reach?

How high can cherry pickers reach?

Within our fleet, the highest upwards a cherry picker can reach is 61 metres (200′).

Can cherry pickers tip over?

The ground must be as level as possible – a cherry picker is not advisable on very uneven ground, because when in use, the extra weight on the platform plus any movement there could cause it to tip over. Overhead, beware of wires or a ceiling which may be lower than it looks.

How high does a Ewp go?

Elevating Work Platform (EWP) Over 11m.

How high can a MEWP reach?

Our versatile MEWP fleet delivers working heights from 3.6m to 59m.

Can a cherry picker work on a slope?

You can use a cherry picker or scissor lift on a slope or gradient, as long as it was designed with this in mind. Look for a ‘gradeability’ number, it tells you how much gradient the machine can be safely operated on. Also very good are the Haulotte H16TPX and HA18PX, both able to handle 50% grades (26.5°).

Can you use a cherry picker on grass?

You drive the cherry picker into position then engage the hydraulic outriggers, level up the machine and up you go! The 2WD machines can handle grass and gravel but will struggle in more demanding rough terrain, The 4WD will cope with more demanding terrain.

When should you not use a cherry picker?

You shouldn’t use a cherry picker:

  • On unstable ground.
  • On sloping ground (refer to manufacturer’s instructions for maximum permitted incline)
  • In high winds or extreme cold.
  • During thunderstorms, due to the risk of lightning strikes.
  • Near power lines, in case of electrical arcing and or entanglement.
  • In the dark.

Does EWP over 11m cover under 11m?

Course Overview If you need to operate boom lifts that have a capacity beyond 11m, please see our EWP over 11m course. After successfully completing this nationally-recognised course you will be trained and competent to operate: EWP (Boom Lift) under 11m. Scissor Lift (up to any height)

How high does a cherry picker forklift go?

The order picker operator stands on a platform and moves up with the mast, unlike most lift trucks. This piece of equipment can access heights of anywhere between 9 feet and 35 feet. Commonly, the forks hold a load that is being added to, not being put away.

Are cherry pickers safe?

Choosing the right equipment for elevated access work is key. In many situations, using a cherry picker is not only the quickest, cheapest and least intrusive alternative to scaffolding platforms or towers, it can also be the safest option by far.

What is the height of a cherry picker?

The Genie S65 cherry picker has a working height of 21 metres or 71 feet and an excellent horizontal outreach of up to 17 metres or 56 feet. The Genie S65 MEWP has great rough terrain capability with 4WD. Available to hire, lease or buy from Hire Safe Solutions in the UK & ROI.

What is the height of a Genie S85 cherry picker?

The Genie S85 cherry picker has a working height of 27.9 metres or 91 feet and a outreach of 23.32 metres or nearly 78 ft. Available to hire, lease or buy from Hire Safe Solutions in the UK & ROI. Genie telescopic S85 XC boom lift updates the brand’s popular earlier telescopic unit.

What is the difference between a cherry picker and scissor lift?

Coates Hire has scissor lifts for hire in heights up to 16.1 metres. Scissor lifts have longer and wider platforms than other cherry pickers, which makes them suitable for moving more personnel or equipment to heights in safety. Standard scissor lifts are designed for indoor use, while rough terrain scissor lifts can handle difficult ground.

What is a cherry picker and why do you need one?

Cherry pickers are useful for more than just picking fruit. Elevated work platforms (EWP) like boom lifts and scissor lifts can give you the essential reach you need to gain access to the upper levels of buildings or other structures for construction, maintenance, painting, warehousing, installing utility lines and other work at height.