How many prisons are there in Spain?

How many prisons are there in Spain?


Prison population total (including pre-trial detainees / remand prisoners) 55 433 at 15.9.2020 (via Council of Europe)
Number of establishments / institutions 82 (2018 – 69 central prisons, 13 social integration centres)
Official capacity of prison system 75 074 (15.9.2020)

Does Spain have prisons?

The Spanish prison system has two different penitentiary administrations: Catalan administration (which depends on Department of Justice) and Spanish administration, from the rest of the country, which depends on Ministry of Home Affairs since 1992.

How are prisons named?

To be sure, most prisons are not named for plantations, slave owners or other sundry racists and bigots—at least not directly. Most states name their prisons geographically, using cardinal directions or nearby cities. But some of those geographic names can be problematic.

How are Spanish prisons?

Most of the Spanish prison buildings are relatively modern, nearly all have a shower in the cell. The cells are mostly shared by two inmates, though legally everyone is entitled to their own cell. Prisoners don’t have to wear uniforms and if you need clothes, the prison will supply you ‘rags’.

Where are the prisons in Spain?

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Autonomous community Prison
Ceuta Penitentiary Center of Ceuta II
Madrid Penitentiary Center Madrid I – Alcalá mujeres
Penitentiary Center Madrid II – Alcalá Meco
Penitentiary Center Madrid III – Valdemoro

Is there parole in Spain?

Libertad Condicional Parole in Spain can be defined as a penal measure whereby a convicted person is released into the community before the end of a prison sentence, whether under supervision or not.

Does Spain have life sentence?

Life imprisonment in Spain was abolished in 1928, but reinstated in 2015 and upheld by the Constitutional Court in 2021.

Spain has a total of 92 prisons, also called penitentiary centers or penitentiary establishments. They report to the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions with the exception of those located in Catalonia, since it assumed powers in budgetary matters in 1984 and, therefore, they depend on the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Where are the Penitentiary Psychiatric Hospitals in Spain?

There are only two penitentiary psychiatric hospitals in Spain, one in Seville and the other in Foncalent (Alicante). /  37.3344639°N 5.7930611°W  / 37.3344639; -5.7930611  ( Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla Mujeres))

Why is the Alcatraz Prison in Spain so famous?

During its lifetime, the prison became one of Spain’s most infamous and controversial, owing in great part to its role during the Franco dictatorship. In fact, according to one historian, the prison has been ‘the mirror of the social and political conflicts of Catalonia in the 20th century’. Inside one of the galleries|© Canaan A visionary design

Why is the Modelo prison in Barcelona so famous?

No prison is ever very popular, but the Modelo prison in Barcelona has a particularly infamous past. Hailed as a symbol of reform and progress when it opened, in its lifetime it became a symbol of political and ideological oppression.