How many tattletales are there?

How many tattletales are there?

The program had two runs on the CBS daytime schedule between February 1974 and June 1984….

No. of episodes 1,075 (1974–78, CBS) 30 (1977–78; Weekly Syndication)
Executive producers Ira Skutch (1974–1983) Paul Alter (1983–1984)

Is Tattletail on mobile?

Who created Tattletail?

Waygetter Electronics

What is the purple Tattletail name?

All the Tattletail by name; the yellow is Butternut, the blue (though not shown here) is Dewdrop, the purple one is kinda just “Tattletail”, but is referred to here as Baby Tattletail, the black one is Night-Night, and the white is Snowglobe.

What animal is Tattletail?

Baby Talking Tattletail, or simply Tattletail, is the titular deuteragonist of Tattletail. The toy brand was developed by Waygetter Electronics….

Baby Talking Tattletail
Species Tattletail Toy
Gender Male
Family Mama Tattletail (mother) Yellow and Blue Talking Tattletails (siblings)
Eye Color Blue

What is the meaning of chittering Class 11?

Abrupt : Sudden or unexpected. Chittering : An onomatopoeic word capturing bird sounds. Tremor : Shiver – shake.

Is Tattletail a girl or a boy?

The Yellow and Blue Tattletails are the two other colors of Baby Talking Tattletail to have a main role in Tattletail….Yellow and Blue Talking Tattletails.

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Species Tattletail
Gender Male
Family Mama Tattletail (mother) Baby Talking Tattletail (brother)
Aliases Dewdrop

How do you describe chatter?

Here are some adjectives for chatter: compulsive demoniac, empty, hypocritical, passionate, voluble, mundane, after-dinner, calm clever, characterless mortal, frantic electronic, constant, senseless, happy and indifferent, cynical, casual, pseudo-scientific administrative, sickly empty, boringly routine, fatuous self- …

Is a tattletale?

A tattletale is someone who reports others’ wrongdoings. Tattletale or variant, may also refer to: Tattletales, an American game show.

What is tittle tattle definition?

: gossip, prattle.

Is Parker from Tattletail dead?

Appearance. Not much is known about the Protagonist’s appearance, but it is assumed they are a child no older than around ten. They are deceased after their encounter with Mama Tattletail in the regular campaign’s normal ending, though this is not considered the true ending.

How do I download tattletale?

How to Download & Install Tattletail

  1. Click the Download button below and you should be redirected to UploadHaven.
  2. Once Tattletail is done downloading, right click the . zip file and click on “Extract to Tattletail.
  3. Double click inside the Tattletail folder and run the exe application.

What platforms is Tattletail on?

Microsoft Windows

What does Bavardage mean?

small talk, chitchat

Is Tattletail a switch?

Nintendo of America on Twitter: “Tattletail is coming to Nintendo switch at Launch!

What happens if you get all the eggs in Tattletail?

The eggs are relatively small, about the size of a baseball, and contain random objects and trash. They come in several different bright colors, and are presumably laid by Tattletail or Mama as gifts for the Protagonist. Collecting all the eggs will reward the player with an achievement.

What does the word chatter mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to utter rapid short sounds suggestive of language but inarticulate and indistinct squirrels chattered angrily. 2 : to talk idly, incessantly, or fast.

Why was Mama Tattletail recalled?

Mama Tattletail’s grinding sound actually came from an old coffee machine. The rumored reason behind her being recalled is because she ate a kid’s eyes out. This might prove that the Mama Tattletail present in the game is a prototype.

Can you get Tattletail on Android?

Tattletail Survival for Android – APK Download.

Are Tattletail toys real?

The Tattletail stuffed toy is so cute. It’s high-quality, well-made, and safe products. These items measure approximately 9 inch along the longest dimension. Tattletail is a video game created by Waygetter Electronics.

Why do adults tattle tale?

Tattlers believe that everyone should act and think exactly as they do. Tattlers are usually very opinionated about people and behaviors that don’t have a direct impact on their lives. And when they feel the time is right, or if they are just angry, they will tell supervisors about bad behavior they have observed.

Where does the word Chatterbox come from?

Chatterbox dates from the 1770s, a combination of chatter, an echoic or onomatopoeic word, and box, giving chatterbox the sense of “a box or container full of idle chatter.”

What’s the story behind Tattletail?

Tattletail is a short, story-driven first person horror game about everyone’s favorite talking toy from the 90’s. You opened your Tattletail before Christmas, and now he won’t stay in his box. Or will Mama Tattletail find her baby and hunt you down first? I heard she was recalled after she ate a kid’s eyes out.

What happens if you don’t answer the phone in Tattletail?

Phone Call Normally, the player is advised not to answer the phone. If they do, they will hear Mama on the other end, making a grinding noise. However, after the ritual on Night 5, answering the phone instead reveals an unknown voice talking to the player.

What is the antonyms of chatter?

Antonyms of CHATTER drawl, calm, serenity, lull, be quiet, quiet, tranquillity, hush, Silentness, still.

Will there be a Tattletail 2?

Tattletail 2 has been confirmed by a teaser message by Waygetter Electronics.