How much did Max and Karstan make on the block?

How much did Max and Karstan make on the block?

Maxine and Karstan had the biggest reserve price due to the size and aspect of their apartment, had an initial reserve of $1.7 million. Their winnings earned them a $1.67 million adjusted reserve.

What happened to Max and Karstan?

Karstan says, “Building the apartments under the extreme highs and lows was one side of the experience. Watching it back on TV and seeing how it has all been put together was the other. I miss the stress!”. Since their season ended, Max has gone back into doing events and now manages their website, The Discovery Tales.

Did Max and Karstan get married on the block?

THE pair can finally reveal they are husband and wife after tying the knot on their final day on the show, with all the contestants present. See their stunning wedding pictures.

Who wins the block Glasshouse?

Shannon Vos
Simon Vos
The Block – Season 9/Winners

After five long months of sleepless nights, tireless labour and bucketloads of sweat and tears, brothers Shannon and Simon Voss were crowned the winners of The Block Glasshouse on Sunday night.

What are Dan and Dani doing now?

After the show, the couple, who also starred in the series Dan vs Dani, launched their very own design business called the Red Door Project. They’re also currently working on building their dream house in Blairgowrie, Victoria.

Who won the block Glasshouse?

Are Max and Karstan getting married on the block?

There’s been a wedding on The Block. The Block Glasshouse’s Max and Karstan share surprising wedding plans. When you become a parent, you don’t leave your brain in the delivery suite.

What happened to Maxine and Karstan from the block?

Max and Karstan from The Block open up about Maxine’s health battles. A former Block favourite opens up about her health struggles. “I was sitting on the toilet going about my business when suddenly I blacked out.” Maxine and Karstan were the happy go lucky couple of last year’s The Block: Glasshouse.

What is Karstan Smith and Maxine Stokes’baby’s name?

The first-time parents look exhausted, but happy, in a photo showing them cuddling up to their newborn baby girl. Baby girl: The Block’s Karstan Smith and Maxine Stokes have welcomed their first child together, a daughter called Zuri

Who was the Master of ceremonies at Max and Karstan’s wedding?

Scotty Cam was the Master Of Ceremonies and pronounced them man and wife at the beach-side location, alongside an official marriage celebrant to make it legal. Max and Karstan are on the cover of Woman’s Day this week. “Scotty was typical Scotty cracking jokes, it’s rare that a celebrant gets people laughing and he certainly did,” said Karstan.