How much does it cost to pierce your belly?

How much does it cost to pierce your belly?

Piercing Type Piercing Fee Jewelry starting price
Monroe/Philtrum $35 Starts at $38+Tax
Earlobe(Single) $35 Starts at $38+Tax
Earlobe(Pair) $65 Starts at $76+Tax
Navel $35 Starts at $49+Tax

How much do belly button piercings cost UK?


Area Ring Bar/ Stud
Navel/ Belly Button £24 £30- £35
Nipple (each) £36 £40
Surface Piercing £40
Anti-tragus £26

What length belly bar do you get pierced with?

TIP: Most professional belly piercings are done at the standard 10mm to 11mm lengths. If your piercing was done sometime ago your piercing may have shrunk to a smaller size over the years. NOTE: When you are initially pierced, due to anticipated swelling, your piercer will most likely use a size 12mm bar.

How much do piercings cost UK?

Standard earlobe piercings from a professional piercing studio should cost between £10-£20, while a cartilage piercing can cost a bit more, between £25-£40.

How much does an eyebrow piercing cost UK?

Piercing Prices

Piercing Types Standard Titanium Teflon Coated Titanium (Recommended)
Eyebrow £35 £40
Nipples Single: £35 Pair: £50 Single: £40 Pair: £55
Tongue £35 £40
Lip Single: £30 Pair: £50 Single: £35 Pair: £55

Are belly piercings worth it?

Belly button piercings have been popular for a long time—and for good reason. Considering the piercing is fairly painless due to a fleshy placement and easy to take care of since you don’t have to look in a mirror to see it, they’re a great choice that has endured the test of time.

Can you work out with a belly button piercing?

Normal exercise is perfectly safe after piercing your navel. Simply keep your piercing clean and avoid tight clothing, so it doesn’t irritate the piercing while it’s healing. Once the pain of the piercing has subsided and the movement of your shirt no longer irritates you, you can leave your shirt in place.

How old do you have to be to get a belly piercing?

Each state in the US has laws regarding piercing of minors. Piercing ear lobes is usually the only piercing a reputable piercer will do on a 13 year old – with a parent present (they sign a form). At 16 they may do a belly piercing with the parental in-person consent (they sign a form). At 18 you can get it yourself.