How much is a Cessna Citation II?

How much is a Cessna Citation II?

Citation II Specifications

Citation II General Info
Aircraft Manufacturer Cessna
Aircraft Year of Manufacture 1978 – 1995
Citation II Financial Data
Acquisition Cost $765,000 – $935,000

What is the range of a CJ2?

It has a maximum range of 1,530 nautical miles and a standard range of 1,075 nautical miles. The CJ2 jet takes you high in the sky with a service ceiling of 45,000 feet.

Are Cessna Citations safe?

The Citation series of aircraft have proven to be a safe, reliable form of transportation with substantially lower accident rates than the overall general aviation population. The strong safety performance is likely driven by a combination of design, maintenance, and operational elements.

How much fuel does a Cessna Citation burn per hour?

The CJ1 is extremely fuel-efficient, burning an average of 134 gallons per hour. The economy of its fuel burn can be largely attributed to Cessna’s choice of engines. It uses two Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-1A turbofans, each of which delivers 1,900 pounds of thrust on takeoff.

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What is Citation II?

Citation II (Model 550) a larger stretched development of the Model 500 first produced in 1978.

  • T-47A (Model 552) is the military designation of the Citation II.
  • Citation II/SP (Model 551) single-pilot operations
  • Citation S/II (Model S550) incorporated a number of improvements,especially an improved wing.
  • What are the specifications for a Cessna Citation?

    – Maximum Range 2,165 nm – Maximum Cruise Speed 451 ktas – Maximum Passengers 10 – Useful Load 6,950 lb – Takeoff Field Length 3,410 ft