How much training did ww2 pilots get?

How much training did ww2 pilots get?

At the beginning of the war, flight training lasted nine months, with three months of primary, three months of basic, and three months of advanced training. Each pilot had 65 flying hours of primary training and 75 hours of both basic and advanced training.

What are the requirements for a military pilot in the 1940s?

All potential pilots had to complete at least two years of college, to prove their intelligence and provide them with a decent level of education. They had to be between 18 and 26 years old, ensuring young, healthy candidates with a long career potential. They also had to be unmarried.

Where did ww1 pilots train?

During WWI, flight training in the U.S. primarily consisted of two stages: Ground School — This included learning the basics of flight, weather patterns, navigating by the stars, and military behavior. Ground school lasted eight weeks.

Who is known as the father of Air Force flight training?

Billy Mitchell
Born December 29, 1879 Nice, France
Died February 19, 1936 (aged 56) New York City, United States
Buried Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Allegiance United States

Where was the largest flight training school in Texas in ww1?

By late 1917, about one-third of Hicks Field, Texas, had been given over to the RFC School of Aerial Gunnery. There, Canadians supplied the planes and equipment to train both Americans and Canadians.

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