How to setup Samba as primary domain controller in Linux?

How to setup Samba as primary domain controller in Linux?

domain logons: provides the netlogon service causing Samba to act as a domain controller.

  • logon path: places the user’s Windows profile into their home directory.
  • logon drive: specifies the home directory local path.
  • logon home: specifies the home directory location.
  • logon script: determines the script to be run locally once a user has logged in.
  • How do I join domain in Windows 10?

    a User Account on the Domain,this information you can get from your Network Administrator.

  • Name of Domain.
  • A computer running Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise/Education editions
  • Domain Controller must be running Windows Server 2003 (functional level or later).
  • How to join a computer to domain from command line?


  • Adding a Computer to a Domain via the GUI
  • Adding a Local Computer to a Domain via Settings app
  • Adding a Local Computer to a Domain via Netdom
  • Adding a Local Computer to a Domain via PowerShell
  • Add a Local Computer to a Domain Via WMI Using WMIC Using PowerShell’s Get-WmiObject Cmdlet
  • Adding Computers Remotely to a Domain
  • What is Samba Active Directory?

    Samba is basically a file sharing server that can be used by all devices that support SMB/CIFS. These include Linux and Windows based servers. Version 4 of Samba, which was released in 2012 had a new feature that allowed it to function as an Active Directory Domain Controller.

    How to Setup Samba as Primary Domain Controller in Linux 1. Setup Proper Host Name. Make sure you’ve setup the appropriate hostname and static ip. If you are using internal… 2. Install Samba from Source. On CentOS, by default samba packages will not be installed for minimal installation type. 3.

    How to join a samba domain in Windows OS client?

    Now try to join the samba domain from Windows OS client using the newly created user. Right click on My Computer, go to Properties ->Advanced system settings. In the Computer Name tab, Click on the Change button. In the Domain field, enter your Domain name. In my case, it’s unixmen.

    How to allow Samba ports through Firewall in Active Directory?

    Samba uses the following Ports when runs as an Active Directory Domain Controller: Run the following commands one by one to allow Samba ports through firewall. Finally restart firewall service. Apply the proper SELinux policies to Samba domain controller. Also to the Samab shares which we have defined in the smb.conf file.

    How to add a samba machine account in Windows NT?

    To add a Samba machine account, run the following command: Here, smbpasswd -m …. – tells that account will be used as NT primary domain controller (Machine account). For more details about, smbpasswd command, refer this link. Here, ‘root’ user is the administrator that can be used to join the Windows NT/2000/XP/7 systems to be part of the domain.