Is Ableton Live 8 still good?

Is Ableton Live 8 still good?

“Version 8 is an across-the-boards winner. For Live aficionados, the move up is a no brainer for the audio-warping and MIDI-editing features alone. If you are already a Live user, it is well worth the price. If you have not given Ableton a try yet, it’s an eye-opening experience.

Can I DJ with Ableton Live?

The short answer to this is Yes! Ableton is a great option for DJing Live, making pre recorded DJ mixes and producing your own edits, remixes and tracks. Over the last 15 years, Ableton Live has become a hugely popular DAW (digital audio workstation) among DJs and producers of electronic music from around the globe.

Can you edit video in Ableton Live?

Live’s extraordinary video editing functionality is an overlooked feature that sets it apart from other DAWs. Import, adjust playback speed, trim, warp and more, all within Live’s arrangement view. If you’re looking to edit video or compose soundtracks or scores then Ableton Live is the perfect choice.

When did Ableton Live 8 come out?

April 2, 2009
Berlin, Germany, April 2, 2009 – Ableton Live 8 and Ableton Suite 8 are out now.

Can you use Ableton as a mixer?

Live includes a mixer section that is accessible from two views: The Arrangement View Mixer. In the Arrangement View, the mixer appears as a horizontal strip to the right of the track area. To display all mixer controls for a track, unfold the track using the button next to its name, and adjust its height accordingly.

Can you mix video in Ableton?

Live can import movies in Apple QuickTime format (. mov) to be used as video clips. Movie files appear in Live’s browser and can be imported by dragging them into the Live Set. Movie files that are loaded into the Session View are treated as audio clips.

Ableton Releases Live 8 and Suite 8. Berlin, Germany, April 2, 2009 – Ableton Live 8 and Ableton Suite 8 are out now. Two new instruments, Collision and Latin Percussion are also available; both are included in Ableton Suite 8.

What is Ableton livecontrol?

… programs like Ableton Live for revitalizing LiveControl is a MIDI Remote script that allows you to control Ableton Live directly from your iPad or iPod using TouchOSC. to control Ableton Live directly from currently supports Ableton Live 8 and full

What is Ableton Suite 8?

Ableton Suite is a complete software studio. Suite 8 gives you all of the features in Live 8 plus sound Live is fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance. Create bolder sounds with Live’s new devices.

How much does Ableton Live cost?

Download version: EUR 549/USD 699 (includes Ableton Live 8, sound library, 8 Ableton instruments) Boxed version: EUR 449/USD 549 (includes the Essential Instrument Collection 2, printed manual)