Is classical Civilisation a level good?

Is classical Civilisation a level good?

Classical Civilisation is listed on UCL’s list of preferred A Level subjects and it is also listed on Trinity College, Cambridge’s list of Generally Suitable Arts A Levels. It is also listed as a useful subject for degrees in Classical Studies and Philosophy in the Russell Group ‘Informed Choices’ document.

Is classical Civilisation an easy A level?

Classical Civilisation is a particularly easy A-Level, especially as you don’t need to learn languages such as Greek or Latin. A lot of Classical Civilisation A-Level is about stories and the meanings within them, which makes it very easy to grasp, as there are no rigorous formulas or concepts to get your head around.

What can you do with a classical Civilisation a level?

Careers can include working as archivist, barrister, chartered accountant, Civil Service fast streamer, editorial assistant, fine art specialist, heritage manager, higher education lecturer, market researcher, as well as many other possible creative or managerial jobs and careers.

What is a level classical Civilisation like?

Classical Civilisation is the study of ancient Greek and Roman Civilisation. It is the ultimate humanities subject, encompassing a huge variety of disciplines including literature, history, archaeology and art.

Is classical Civilisation respected?

Classical Civilization is a highly respected course amongst employers and universities are alike. Whilst not one of the Russell Group’s ‘facilitating subjects’ (see link below) if you are seriously considering applying for a top university, then Classical Civilization can be a huge bonus in your application.

Can you go to university with 2 A-Levels?

Yes you can. When deciding whether to take a combination of Btec and A-levels, you should think about how it might affect what you want to do in the future, particularly when it comes to university. You should be able to find these on the Ucas page for your course, or on the university’s own website.

What skills does classics a level give you?

Skills gained from a classics degree

  • The ability to learn and understand challenging subjects.
  • The ability to research, collate and analyze materials, including statistics.
  • The ability to critically evaluate resources to help you formulate arguments.

What skills does Classics a level give you?

Is a classical studies degree worth it?

Classics is a popular undergraduate major for law school students, because it teaches you to think critically and formulate arguments. Many students who major in classics also choose to work in libraries or museums. Even if you’re not planning to enter one of these fields, classics is still a great field to study.

Why study a level Classical Civilisation?

Classical Civilisation is naturally particularly valued by Classics departments in UK universities, but not only by Classics departments. The study of A Level Classical Civilisation can often lead to the university-level study of Classics, Drama, English, History, History of Art, Philosophy and Politics.

Why is classical civilisation called Classics?

Because, in terms of A Levels, Greek is called Greek, Latin is called Latin and Classical Civilisation, being quite long to say, is shortened to Classics. This is similar to RS, PE, English (as oppose to Lit/Lang) etc. Replying is easier on our app – Click here to download for FREE!

How long does it take to complete a level Classical Civilisation?

You can complete your A Level as quickly or slowly within the two years as you choose. The recommended study time for the content is 360 hours. The exam dates are set by the exam boards and for A Level Classical Civilisation are available in May/June each year. This gives you two opportunities to sit the exams over the two years.

What is the pass rate for a level Classical Civilisation?

We have a 94% pass rate ** with our A Levels. Study this online A Level Classical Civilisation course from home and earn up to 56 UCAS points…