Is Home by Michael Buble a cover?

Is Home by Michael Buble a cover?

Westlife version Irish boy band Westlife released a cover version of “Home” as their first single from their eighth studio album, Back Home (2007). Westlife’s version differs slightly in their lyrical arrangement as compared to Michael Bublé’s version.

Who has covered Home by Michael Buble?


Title Performer Release date
Bublé Medley The Cat’s Pajamas Vocal Band February 5, 2017
Home Kaiak September 8, 2017
Home Gary Carpentier October 10, 2017
Home Travis Atreo November 5, 2018

Who sang Home originally?

Michael BubleHome / ArtistMichael Steven Bublé OC OBC is a Canadian singer. His first album reached the top ten in Canada and the United Kingdom. Wikipedia

Who sang Home first Bible or Shelton?

Michael Buble
On the other hand, Michael Buble and Blake Shelton were friends even before appearing on the show. “Home” was originally recorded by Michael Buble in 2005. Then, Blake Shelton made his country style rendition in 2008. Both their interpretations have reached the music lovers all over the world.

Who wrote the song Home sung by Michael Buble?

Michael BubleHome / Artist

Why is Tom Rosenthal Edith Whiskers?

Tom Rosenthal, who was already a musician producing his own original music, did not want this cover song to become his top streamed song, or the song that defined his career. So, on a drunken video call with friends, he came up with the alias “Edith Whiskers.”

Does Michael Buble only sing covers?

The talented singer, 45, is well known for performing fantastic new arrangements and covers of old jazz standards, but does he write and release his own songs? Not only that, Michael has now announced that he is writing brand new songs at home for a new album, and we can’t wait to hear it!