Is i5 3230M good for gaming?

Is i5 3230M good for gaming?

Good for gaming….. thats a big no. This laptop used an x40 gpu chipset which means it was a step above the integrated graphics in the i5. Not to mention a mobile (m or u suffix) cpu is far slower than its desktop equivilant.

Can GTA V run on Intel HD Graphics 4000?

No … even if you have a decent processor and ram too … you will get less than 15 fps at low settings , you can try low end mods but it would not be an enjoyable experience .. , I also have Intel HD 4000 , 8GB ram , i7 3rd gen …

Is i5 3210m good for gaming?

it is a good combination if you play to game on low or medium setting most of the time at 1366×768 res. you can play some games at high but require tweaking your in game setting.

What Gen is the core i5 3230M?


Market: Mobile
Codename: Ivy Bridge
Generation: Core i5 (Ivy Bridge)
Part#: SR0WY
Memory Support: DDR3 Dual-channel

What generation is i5 3230M?

The Intel Core i5-3230M is a fast dual-core processor for laptops based on the Ivy Bridge architecture. Due to Hyperthreading, the two cores can handle up to four threads in parallel leading to better utilization of the CPU….Intel Core i5-3230M.

Intel Core i5-3380M » Intel Core i5-3230M
2.9 – 3.6 GHz 2.6 – 3.2 GHz
2 / 4 2 / 4
3 MB 3 MB

Is 3rd generation i5 processor good for gaming?

A 3rd generation i5 is still perfectly adequate for 60fps casual gaming and esports, and can run even the latest AAA games (Cyberpunk 2077, etc) at a playable 30-40fps as long as your GPU is good enough. It’s not a mind-blowing experience, or suitable for high-level competitive play, but it’s still possible to enjoy.