Is it against the law to use red diesel?

Is it against the law to use red diesel?

Why is red diesel illegal? Red diesel is illegal because it has a lower fuel duty applied to it – but is not designated to be used on public roads. Therefore, using red diesel on a public road is considered tax evasion which means it is illegal.

Who can use red diesel after 2022?

The change is being made to help meet the government’s climate change and air quality targets. From 1 April 2022 red diesel can only be used for the following purposes: for vehicles and machinery used in agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry.

Can I run my boat on red diesel?

Red diesel used for domestic purposes such as heating or electricity generation, may be purchased at the reduced rate of duty. When recreational boaters buy diesel for their craft, they need to make a declaration to the supplier if they intend the fuel to be used for propelling a private pleasure craft.

Can I still buy red diesel after April 2022?

There are many industries which are set to lose out and will no longer be able to use red diesel as a rebated fuel from 1st April 2022. This will unfortunately mean that they will have to revert to using alternative fuels such as regular DERV fuel or newer fossil free fuels such as HVO fuel.

Can farmers use red diesel after April 2022?

From 1 April 2022, rebated diesel (known as red diesel) and rebated biofuels will no longer be allowed to be used as they are currently.

Can I use HVO in my car?

HVO100 Renewable Diesel is fully compatible with regular diesel, and therefore the product can also be used in all trucks, cars, vans, taxis and more. Over the years, many tests of HVO have been carried out in collaboration with various car manufacturers.

Can I use red diesel in my boat UK?

In Great Britain, a private pleasure craft may continue to use rebated (red) diesel, including rebated sulphur-free diesel and rebated bioblend (a mix of diesel and biodiesel) however, an amount equal to the rebate must be paid on the fuel used for propelling the boat.

Where can you use red diesel?

Permitted uses from 1 April 2022 will be:

  • agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and fish farming.
  • rail transport.
  • fuel used for non-commercial purposes – electricity generation and heating.
  • community sports clubs and golf courses.
  • sailing, boating and marine transport.
  • travelling fairs and travelling circuses.

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Is it legal to have two red diesel fuel tanks?

Unfortunately, it isn’t legal to have two different tanks which can connect to your engine and carry red diesel and white diesel or separate fuels. Can you run backup generators on red diesel?