Is Live Auctioneer legit?

Is Live Auctioneer legit?

LiveAuctioneers has a consumer rating of 3.61 stars from 257 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with LiveAuctioneers most frequently mention excellent experience and house shipping. LiveAuctioneers ranks 9th among Auction sites.

Is Live Auctioneer free?

LiveAuctioneers’ Auction Price Results Database is a free research tool for those who want to buy or sell. Access 29 million art, antique, jewelry, furniture, collectible, and fashion results that were auctioned off from thousands of global auction houses.

Can you sell LiveAuctioneers?

Simply fill out the requested information and once received and reviewed, you will be contacted by a sales manager within 48 hours. NOTE: If you are interested in selling an individual item or items through the LiveAuctioneers platform, please submit your item(s) to the LiveAuctioneers Consignments Database.

How do I contact LiveAuctioneers?

For pricing and additional information contact: Client Services at 888.600. 2437 ext. 2 or e-mail [email protected].

How does live auction work?

Live auctions are a type of charity auction. During live auctions, an auctioneer runs the bidding by introducing each item and guiding bid amounts. Guests place bids by calling out amounts, raising bid paddles, or otherwise catching the auctioneer’s attention.

What percentage does LiveAuctioneers take?

Payments by LiveAuctioneers A processing fee of 2.8% applies. Read more about it​ ​here​!

How much does it cost to sell LiveAuctioneers?

Currently, our platform pricing is as follows: Timed or Live Auction: $650 listing fee, 5% commission, and a 1,250 item max. Online-Only Sale: $199 listing fee, 15% commission, and a 400 item max.

How do you pay for liveauctioneers?

Auction houses typically email you an invoice with payment instructions within 24-48 hours of the end of the auction. Invoices will typically contain a blue “Pay Now” button that can be used to check out via LiveAuctioneers’ Live. Payments processing system using a credit card.