Is Orange Caramel still active?

Is Orange Caramel still active?

As of December 2019, Orange Caramel only has one member under the label. According to the group’s website however, Raina and Lizzy are still members of the group….

Orange Caramel
Genres K-pop
Years active 2010–2016
Labels Pledis Avex Trax (Japan) Gold Typhoon Universal (Philippines)
Associated acts After School

What year did orange caramel disband?

From 2015 onward, Pledis halted both After School and Orange Caramel promotions and the members have embarked on individual music, acting and modeling careers. In a May 2019 interview, Lizzy revealed that all members had gradually gone their separate ways. However, the group has not officially disbanded.

What company is orange caramel under?

Pledis Entertainment
Avex TraxUniversal Records PhilippinesGold Typhoon
Orange Caramel/Record labels

Who is in orange caramel?

Orange Caramel/Members

Orange Caramel (오렌지 캬라멜) is a Sub-group of After School and consists of 3 members: Raina, Nana and Lizzy. Orange Caramel debuted on June 16, 2010, under Pledis Entertainment.

Who left After School?

Members. Kaeun, Raina and E-Young left the company before they got the chance to graduate from the group. Nana is the only remaining member.

Why did Rebekah leave After School?

Bekah graduated from After School back in 2011 in order to follow her dreams of being a designer in Hawaii. She’s already begun uploading videos, including her first cover. Check it out below!

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