Is Thermafleece waterproof?

Is Thermafleece waterproof?

Thermafleece Breather Membrane is a lightweight vapour permeable membrane designed for use as a conventional breather membrane, it can be installed on top of insulation as a protective layer or under insulation to provide support. It has good water resistance, high breathability and is lightweight and easy to handle.

What is the membrane for cladding?

Using a vapour permeable, airtight membrane that is water and fire resistant, and critically, tested to be UV stable, is the superior option for protecting structures under open-jointed cladding.

What are breathable membranes?

Breathable membranes are water-resistant (as well as resistant to snow and dust), but air-permeable. The membrane is located on the cold side of the insulation. It prevents moisture that may have been getting through the external cladding from piercing further into the structure.

How thick should loft insulation be?

The Government say that you cut your energy bill by up to 20% through effectively insulating your loft. The recommended depth for loft insulation is 270 millimetres for glass wool, 250 millimetres for rock wool or 220 millimetres for cellulose.

What is the best breathable membrane?

Unventilated Roofs Klober Permo Air is the most breathable felt on the market and is the perfect choice for unventilated roof spaces or climates where condensation is likely to be a problem.

What is breathable construction?

A breathable building is a healthy building. It enhances both the physical and mental health of its occupants. A breathable building is vapour-permeable. That means its materials allow for the buffering of excess water thereby allowing water vapour to be discharged.

How thick should my loft insulation be?

between 250mm and 270mm
Current government recommendations are for loft insulation to achieve a depth of between 250mm and 270mm but some new properties are increasing their level of loft insulation to 300mm. Again, as long as the loft has adequate ventilation, this is fine.

Can you put too much insulation in loft?

As long as you ventilate your property properly, you can have as much insulation as you like within reason. The trick with loft insulation is to balance the amount of insulation you have with the amount of ventilation necessary to prevent damp. As long as you get that balance right, you should be fine.

What is thermafleece breather membrane?

Thermafleece Breather Membrane is a light weight vapour permeable underlay designed for use in floors and walls or on top of insulation as a protective layer. The material meets EN 13859-1 for pitched roofing and EN 13859-2 for walls.

Where can thermafleece insulation be used?

Our Thermafleece insulation can be used in Roofs , Walls and Floors . Therefore we supply insulation in a variety of sizes and densities to suit all your performance needs.

Is thermafleece made from sheep’s wool?

Welcome to our comprehensive range of thermal and acoustic insulation, rich in British sheep’s wool. Thanks to nearly twenty years of research and development Thermafleece are proud to offer natural fibre insulation that combines natural sheep’s wool and recycled fibres at their optimum proportions and density.

How much overlap should there be between layers of breather membrane?

Ensure an overlap of at least 100mm between layers of membrane. Thermafleece breather membrane can also be laid on top of loft insulation to keep the insulation clean and free of debris.