Is UC Berkeley better than Harvard?

Is UC Berkeley better than Harvard?

UC Berkeley ranked fifth on Forbes’ 2019 list of best-value colleges, again surpassing both Stanford University and Harvard University. This set of rankings aims to give incoming students an overview of colleges that not only provide quality academics, but also do so at a manageable cost for their students.

Is Berkeley or Stanford better?

Stanford University has a higher submitted SAT score (1,505) than UC Berkeley (1,430). Stanford University has higher submitted ACT score (34) than UC Berkeley (33). UC Berkeley has more students with 42,501 students while Stanford University has 17,381 students.

Does UC Berkeley give scholarships to international students?

International students are not eligible for federal financial aid or institutional aid managed by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office at UC Berkeley. Undergraduates who qualify for an AB 540 (link is external)(link is external) waiver should visit the Berkeley Undergraduate Dream Act Aid page.

What are UC Berkeley admission requirements?

UC Berkeley Admissions Requirements

  • You must have completed the preliminary course requirements in high school.
  • You must have at least a 3.0 GPA in the aforementioned courses taken in 10th and 11th grade.
  • You must take either the SAT or ACT.

Is UC Berkeley need blind for international students?

International students are ineligible for federal, state, and need-based university financial aid. Only U.S. citizens, eligible non-citizens and AB 540 eligible students can be awarded federal, state and/or institutional need-based financial aid.

How do international students get into UC Berkeley?

To be considered for admission to UC Berkeley, international applicants must:

  1. finish secondary school and.
  2. earn a certificate of completion, which allows admission to a university in their home country or country of graduation.

How much does tuition cost at UC Berkeley?

Local tuition 14,253 USD, Domestic tuition 44,007 USD (2019 – 20)

What SAT score is required for UC Berkeley?


Is getting into Berkeley hard?

Getting accepted to Berkeley can be tough. How hard is it to get into Berkeley? In 2019-2020, UC Berkeley received 87,394 applications, and it admitted 14,668 of those applicants, for an acceptance rate of 16.7%.