Is Voss water really artesian?

Is Voss water really artesian?

VOSS is bottled at an artesian source in the pristine wilderness of Southern Norway, naturally filtered and protected from pollutants. The water is generated from the source deep beneath the ground. The unprocessed nature of the water gives it its fresh, clean taste.

What’s so special about Voss water?

What makes VOSS so pure? VOSS Still is recognized as one of the world’s purest bottled waters with less than 45 parts per million of Total Dissolved Solids in our Still Water. This is a significantly lower TDS count than most other major water brands, giving VOSS its crisp, pure and clean taste.

Is Voss water luxury?

‘Iconic’ bottle​ Over the years the bottle has become ‘timeless, contemporary and pretty recognisable’, with a clear association with premium and luxury – the brand even spotted itself used in the Bond film Spectre. Along with the bottle comes the brand’s three pillars of purity, distinction and responsibility.

Is Voss or Fiji more expensive?

Voss comes in as more expensive than other water brands aside from premium offerings like Fiji or Evian. This seems to be justified as popular less expensive brands like Dasani or Aquafina come from basic local tap water supplies.

Which water is better Fiji or VOSS?

There are a bunch of different brands of water to choose from and you’re never sure which is actually the best. This woman tested 7 different brands and found that Voss water comes in the number 2 spot. Fiji takes the number one spot for tasting more crisp.

Is Artesian Water Good For You?

Artesian water is the best for your body! The natural occurring minerals in artesian water can include potassium and magnesium, which are important for adrenal function.

What stores sell Voss water?

What stores sell Voss water? Voss Artesian Still Water , 16.9 Fl Oz, 24 Count – – Why is Voss water so special? The exceptional purity of VOSS , and its uniquely fresh, clean taste, are due in part to the unusually low levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) naturally occurring in the VOSS source.

What does Voss water taste like?

What does Voss taste like? It tastes very impressive to be honest, lots of character, slightly rough round the edges. But you can feel the quality as it seems like it contains lots of minerals. Score: 6.8 1. Mountain Valley Spring Water The story behind Mountain Valley Spring Water is that it originally comes from a fresh spring in Arkansas US.

What is Voss water where does artesian water come from?

Voss is a Norwegian-based brand of artesian bottled water from the village of Vatnestrøm in Iveland municipality, Aust-Agder county. Contrary to popular belief, the water is not bottled in the municipality of Voss , which is more than 400 kilometres (250 mi) from the bottling site. You might be interested: Truly spiked and sparkling water

Why is artesian water so expensive?

Transporting The Water. While it is an obvious statement to say that Fiji Water comes from Fiji,it deserves mention.

  • Environmental Sustainability. There is a lot of conversation about how to be sustainable today.
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  • Supply And Demand.
  • Water Source.
  • The Contents Of The Water.
  • Plastic Bottles.
  • Advertising Costs.
  • Employees’ Salaries.
  • People Will Pay For It.