Was the M202 FLASH used?

Was the M202 FLASH used?

The M202 FLASH (FLame Assault SHoulder) is an American rocket launcher, designed to replace the World War II–vintage flamethrowers (such as the M1 and the M2) that remained the military’s standard incendiary devices well into the 1960s….M202 FLASH.

Launcher, Rocket, 66mm, 4-Tube, M202
Feed system 4 rocket clip
Sights Reflex

What was the rocket launcher in commando?

It is filled with four 66mm incendiary rockets, the same caliber as the anti-tank M72 LAW. The M202 FLASH is perhaps most famous as the rocket launcher used by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, John Matrix, in the 1985 action movie Commando.

Are rocket launchers legal in the US?

They usually use placed explosives. But to the heart of the question, yes you can legally own a rocket launcher in the US. The hard part isn’t actually the legal stuff. Just live in a free state where destructive devices are legal and then pay the $200 tax stamp with the ATF.

Is the M202 still used?

The M202 FLASH is a quad mounted shoulder launched Bazooka of US origin. It was intended to replace Flamethrowers. It is currently in service in South Korea and the United States.

Can a US citizen own a bazooka?

Yes. If it was manufactured before 1986 you can apply for a federal license to own one.

Can you legally buy a grenade launcher in America?

6. Grenade Launcher. A grenade launcher is a weapon you might expect to see in open warfare, but owning one is actually permitted in the U.S. under federal law – albeit with restrictions.

What is the M202A1 rocket launcher?

The XM202 prototype launcher was tested in the Vietnam War, as part of the XM191 system. The M202A1 features four tubes that can load 66 mm incendiary rockets.

What is the M202A1 FLASH?

The M202A1 FLASH (Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon) is an American Incendiary Rocket Launcher, designed to replace WWII-vintage flamethrowers. Its design was based on the XM191 that saw extensive use during the Vietnam War. During the 1974 Peace Walker incident, two design specs for the M202A1 FLASH were procured by the Militaires Sans Frontieres.

What is the difference between the M202A1 and M74 rockets?

The M202A1 features four tubes that can load 66 mm incendiary rockets. The M74 rockets are equipped with M235 warheads, containing approximately 1.34 pounds (0.61 kg) of an incendiary agent. The substance, often mistaken for napalm, is in fact TPA (thickened pyrophoric agent).

What is the M202 FLame Assault SHoulder weapon?

The M202 Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon, better known as the M202 FLASH, is a quad-barreled shoulder-fired incendiary rocket launcher developed in the United States. The M202 was developed in the 1970s to replace hazardous and obsolete flamethrowers, and was built on research done on the older XM191 prototype.