What animal is George compared to in Chapter 1?

What animal is George compared to in Chapter 1?

George demands the mouse. In the exchange is another animal comparison which also reveals something about George and Lennie’s relationship: “Slowly, like a terrier who doesn’t want to bring a ball to its master, Lennie approached, drew back, approached again.” Chapter 1, pg. 9.

Why does Curley put Vaseline in his glove?

Curley wears a “glove fulla Vaseline” on one hand because, according to Candy, “he’s keepin’ that hand soft for his wife.” Since farm work is physical and tough on a person’s hands, the Vaseline will prevent at least one of Curley’s hands from becoming chapped and rough—something he clearly believes his wife would find …

What names does Curley’s wife get called?

She is defined by her role: Curley’s wife or possession. George and Candy call her by other names such as “jailbait” or “tart.” She wears too much makeup and dresses like a “whore” with red fingernails and red shoes with ostrich feathers.

Is Curley’s wife a victim or a villain?

She is not a villain, but she is the source of the conflict that leads to Curley’s hand being broken and her own death.

How did Lennie kill the puppy?

Lennie accidentally kills his puppy, probably by squeezing him or hitting him too hard. He is afraid that when George sees he killed his puppy, George will not let him tend the rabbits on the farm they have dreamed about owning. So, he tries to hide the body of the puppy only to have it discovered by Curley’s wife.

What does Lennie take out of his pocket that gets him yelled at by George?

What does Lennie take out of his pocket that gets him yelled at by George? A dead mouse.

What is George and Lennie’s relationship?

Throughout the novel, George and Lennie have a relationship like a master and his dog. George is responsible for Lennie, making sure he has work, food, and does not get into too much trouble. He gives Lennie commands, which Lennie is supposed to obey, and when Lennie does not, George scolds him.

What is George and Lennie’s dream?

George and Lennie have a dream: to scrounge enough money together to someday buy their own little house and a plot of land to farm. They dream of roots, stability, and independence.

What is Lennie’s mental age?

How would you estimate Lennie’s “mental” age? Lennie is like a child in that he constantly talks with slightly bad grammar, and exaggerates. He is either super happy or pouting. He behaves like a five or six-year-old.

Why does George say Lennie is his cousin?

George lies to the boss because if he realizes that Lennie’s mental deficiency is a threat they won’t get the job. George lies and tells the boss that Lennie is his cousin, and that they left the job in Weed because it was done. He assumes that since George seems to be in control, he is taking advantage of Lennie.

How does Candy’s dog die?

Candy replies that he has had the dog for too many years to kill it, but Carlson continues to pressure him. As the men marvel over it, Carlson offers to kill the dog quickly by shooting it in the back of the head. Reluctantly, Candy gives in. Carlson takes the dog outside, promising Slim that he will bury the corpse.

Why is George and Lennie’s plan feasible now?

Why is George and Lennie’s plan feasible now? How do George and Lennie plan on getting a place of their own? They plan on saving their money and adding Candy’s share. They plan on quitting after working a week to head out to the new place.

What happens in chapter 1 of mice and men?

The story begins with George Milton and Lennie Small traveling together along the Salinas River in California to find work. They have work cards indicating that there are jobs available at a nearby ranch, but they decide to stop and sleep in the woods for the evening.

What are Lennie’s last words?

“No, Lennie. I ain’t mad. I never been mad, an’ I ain’t now. That’s a thing I want ya to know.”

Is Candy’s dog blind?

The dog has lived a long life as Candy’s companion but no longer serves any purpose. He smells bad, is blind and has a bad coat. Carlson, a static character whose main purpose in the novel is to kill the dog, complains: “Well, I can’t stand him in here,” said Carlson.

What does George say to Lennie that causes him to say that he will go live in the woods in a cave?

When George gets angry with all the trouble Lennie causes in Weed, what does Lennie say he will do? Lennie says he will leave George and go live in a cave so George won’t be bothered by him anymore. You just studied 52 terms!

Who killed Curley’s wife?


What are 3 animals Lennie is compared to?

Steinbeck uses animal imagery to compare Lennie to a horse, a bear and a terrier.

Is Candy’s dog a boy?

Candy’s dog does not have a name. This is significant for two reasons. First, he is thought of as a possession and he is not thought of as important enough to have a name.

Why does candy regret killing his dog?

Candy regrets allowing Carlson to kill his dog and feels like he should have been the person to put it out of its misery. Candy had owned the dog since it was a puppy and formed a close bond with his pet. He feels bad about letting a stranger kill his dog when he was so close to it throughout its life.

Why did slim drown 4 puppies?

Slim reports that he drowned four of the puppies immediately because their mother would have been unable to feed them. Carlson suggests that they convince Candy to shoot his old, worthless mutt and raise one of the pups instead.

Who is Curley’s wife name?

Candice Brown

Who Killed Candy’s dog?


What story does George tells Lennie in Chapter 1?

Before they eat their dinner and go to sleep that night, Lennie asks George to tell him about the rabbits. George tells Lennie all about their dream to own their own ranch and “live of the fatta the lan.

What does George find in the box by his bed?

What does George find in the box by his bed and what does he assume? small yellow can. he assumes that the bed is filthy with lice and roaches.

Why doesn’t Curley’s wife have a name?

Curley’s wife does not have a name because she does not have her own identity. Curley’s wife (as the boss’s son’s flirtatious wife, she is not identified by any other name) wanders around the ranch searching for some human contact. All that Curley’s wife has is a dream. She is really considered a nobody.

What did Lennie have in his pocket?

As the story begins, Lennie has a dead mouse in his pocket because he likes to pet soft things but doesn’t know his own strength and accidentally killed the mouse when he pet it too hard.