What are side effects of African potato?

What are side effects of African potato?

Side effects include nausea, indigestion, gas, diarrhea, or constipation, and possibly sexual side effects such as trouble getting an erection or less interest in sex. However, other African wild potato products have been associated with decreased production of blood cells and irregular heartbeat.

What does African potato cure?

Results showed that the tuberous rootstock (corm) of African Potato is used traditionally to treat wasting diseases, testicular tumours, insanity, barrenness, impotency, bad dreams, intestinal parasites, urinary infection, cardiac disease and enhancing immunity.

Is the African potato effective?

South Africans have commonly used the African wild potato as an herbal treatment for HIV and AIDS. Some South African doctors prescribe it for their patients. But there is little evidence that it’s effective.

What is Hypoxis Rooperi?

Hypoxis hemerocallidea, the African star grass or African potato, is a medicinal plant in the Hypoxidaceae family. It is native to southern Africa from South Africa as far north as Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Is African Potato good for high blood pressure?

High sodium consumption—and that’s a South African fault—is a major contributor to hypertension. Potatoes are also rich in vitamins C and B6, copper and insoluble fibre. Insoluble fibre is another secret weapon in the fight against heart disease.

What is Mathunga?

Mathunga, otherwise known as Eucomis “If you suffer from backache, this is a great plant to have in your garden. “You’ll need to plant the bulb, reap the seeds, and germinate them. This plant also takes seven years to mature.”

What does Zonke healing Sea miracle do?

Sea Miracle with seaweed and African potato is an All-In-One wellness booster that is a rich source of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium, selenium, zinc, iodine, and iron. Don’t let the cold weather bring flu into your homes. Sea miracle will help you prevent it.

What is Mathunga used for?

Mathunga, otherwise known as Eucomis Boil and use as a detox enema,” says Ndlovu. “You’ll need to plant the bulb, reap the seeds, and germinate them. This plant also takes seven years to mature.”

Can potatoes raise cholesterol?

And while the potatoes themselves are heart-healthy, some of the ways we prepare them aren’t. These all add fats to the potatoes, and trans or saturated fats are known to contribute to high cholesterol levels. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy potatoes.

What is Umhlabelo used for?

Umhlabelo, made of dried leaves from the Nidorella plant, can help heal bones and muscles. The Hoodia plant is used as an appetite suppressant, but also provides an energy boost.

What are side effects of sea miracle?

When consumed, these products can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and symptoms of severe dehydration. These may be life-threatening, and you should seek medical advice as soon as possible. These products are not approved medicines. Their quality and efficacy are unknown, and we recommend not taking them.