What are the benefits of recruit a friend WoW?

What are the benefits of recruit a friend WoW?

In-game Benefits The recruit is granted an Extra-Spacious Knapsack upon completing the starter experience in Exile’s Reach. Both players can summon their linked friend every 30 minutes from the Friends List.

How long do recruit a friend benefits last?

Recruiters must have active game time to secure rewards. Every 3 months after your 12 month reward, you’ll get 30 days of game time. And More! You can receive even more rewards by participating in various in-game activities with your recruits.

Does RAF still give bonus XP?

The additional experience boost that currently exists for recruited players and recruiters who party together will be phased out before the launch of Shadowlands. All other rewards available with the Recruit A Friend program will continue to be available for recruiters.

How do I claim recruitment rewards?

Claiming rewards in-game

  1. Log in to World of Warcraft.
  2. Open your Friends List (default hotkey O) and click the Recruit A Friend tab.
  3. Click Claim Reward.

How much does recruit a friend cost?

Since these accounts are new, you can use the New Player Offer to save 50% on the first month. This will cost you $7.5/€6.5 per account. Step 5. Generate a Recruit-A-Friend invite link on your WoW#2 account (your main Blizzard account) and use that link to recruit RAF5, RAF6, RAF7 and RAF8.

Can you still grant levels with Recruit a Friend 2021?

Bonus Experience and Granting Levels Unlike the previous Recruit a Friend program, the current Recruit a Friend program does not enable bonus experience and does not allow granting levels to your friend.

Can recruit a friend grant levels?

Your friend can even grant bonus levels to your own characters! From Recruit-A-Friend FAQ (page 2 of US FAQ or page 1 of EU FAQ): Your recruit will need to right-click your target character’s portrait and select “Grant A Level.”

How do you summon a friend?

It allows one of a pair of characters on accounts linked through RAF to summon the other to their location. This spell does not appear in the spellbook and cannot be placed on action bars. Instead, it is triggered by right-clicking the target’s party portrait or entry in the Friends List and selecting “Summon Friend”.

What are the rewards of recruit a friend in Wow?

Rewards of Recruit-a-Friend. 30 days of FREE game time. Yes, as you read it, a whole month of subscription to your WoW account, so you can keep playing with your friend, one month free! This one is given when your recruited pays the first month’s subscription.

Will RAF be available in classic?

This info found on the RAF page implies that it would work if the invitation is sent from the retail side. I can see where you might take that away, but to me it simply says that RAF is not available in any form in Classic. yeah…I can see it both ways but it was not clarified as good as it could have been.

What happens when you reach level 90 in RAF?

However, unlike the early version of RaF, the recruit does not lose the ability to grant levels simply because he/she has reached level 90. Those levels can still be granted any time during the 90-day period. The level grants grant a complete level.

How long does RARAF last in WoW Classic?

RaF used to last only until level 60. However, with the release of Mists of Pandaria, this was changed to 85 (with grantable level maximum increased from 30 to 42) and again changed to 90 with Warlords of Draenor (with grantable level maximum increased from 42 to 44).