What are the main features of poverty?

What are the main features of poverty?

The World Bank defined some characteristics of poverty, such as: hunger, lack of shelter, being sick and unable to visit a doctor, unable to go to school, illiterate, job less, fear for the future, losing a child due to illness brought about by unclean water, powerless, as well as lack of representation and freedom ( …

What are the benefits of reducing poverty?

When children do not succeed as adults, all of society pays the price: businesses are able to find fewer good workers, consumers pay more for their goods, hospitals and health insurers spend more treating preventable illnesses, teachers spend more time on remediation and special education, pri- vate citizens feel less …

What factors affect the poverty line class 9?

The factors affecting the poverty line of a place are income and consumption levels, education, medical requirements , etc.

What are the possible questions about poverty?


  • What is poverty?
  • What kind of problems do poor people have?
  • Why are people hungry?
  • Do you feel sorry for people who live on the street?
  • Are people who live on the street necessarily lazy?
  • Do you believe that the rich are growing richer, and the poor are growing poorer?
  • Shouldn’t all people work for a living?

What is poverty Wikipedia?

Poverty means not having enough money for basic needs such as food, drinking water, shelter, or toiletries. Many people in different countries live in poverty, especially in developing areas of West and Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Caribbean and some parts of Asia. There are different ways to measure poverty.

What can you say about the poverty in the Philippines?

The Philippines has a fairly high poverty rate with more than 16% of the population living below the poverty line. From 2015 to 2020, the rate of poverty declined from 21.6% to 16.6%. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte aims to reduce the rate of poverty to 14% by 2022.

What is poverty Class 11?

It is inability to fulfill the minimum requirements of life. Relative Poverty It refers to poverty in relation to different classes, regions or countries. Absolute Poverty In India, concept of poverty line is used as a measure of absolute poverty.

What is poverty line class?

The poverty line refers to the minimum level of income which is required to satisfy the necessities of life. In India, anyone who earns less than Rs 328 per month in rural areas and Rs 454 per month in urban areas falls below the poverty line.

What are two poorest states in India?

Orissa, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are the three poorest states in India with their people living below the poverty line being 47, 42 and 37 per cent respectively.

What is the main cause of poverty in the Philippines?

failure to fully develop the agriculture sector; high inflation during crisis periods; high levels of population growth; high and persistent levels of inequality (incomes and assets), which dampen the positive impacts of economic expansion; and.