What are the skills that a computer technician must have?

What are the skills that a computer technician must have?

10 Important Skills for a Computer Technician

  • Interacting with computers.
  • Collecting data and information.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Communication.
  • Consulting and advising others.
  • Inspecting equipment, structures, or material.
  • Documenting and recording information.
  • Developing objectives and strategies.

What are the terms used in computer?

Basic Computer Terminologies

  • CPU. CPU means ‘Central Processing Unit’.
  • RAM. Specifically, RAM stands for “Random Access Memory” or “Ready Access Memory”.
  • Hard-disk Drive.
  • Floppy Disk.
  • Hardware.
  • Software.

What does a computer hardware technician do?

A Hardware Technician is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of computer systems. These professionals provide all essential IT support to large and small organizations.

What are the jobs of computer specialist?

A computer specialist’s responsibilities typically revolve around installing and repairing computer hardware and software. They meet with clients to identify their needs, examine and troubleshoot equipment, perform upgrades, and discuss the extent of repairs or replacements to clients.

What is the importance of computer system servicing?

Computer maintenance is very important for keeping your computer running smoothly. A computer which is left untreated, can accumulate dust and debris, which may result on slow performance. Additionally, your computer may get infected with virus or malware if your antivirus is not updated.

What are the 8 parts of a computer?

8 Standard Computer Components and What They Do

  • Motherboard. The motherboard is an important computer component because it’s what everything else connects to!
  • Power Supply.
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Random-access Memory (RAM)
  • Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Drive.
  • Video Card.
  • Optical Drives.

What is hardware training?

Computer hardware is an intriguing field of computer science and candidates who seek application careers in this field will have to pursue hardware and networking courses. The course enables them to figure out and fix hardware and network issues related to computers and other such devices.

What is computer service and support?

Computer support and services provide diagnostic, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair services for IT systems. They ensure that the general operations of computers and its related software, hardware, or network are working properly.

What are three important qualities that computer support specialists need?

You should look for certain qualities in your computer support specialist to ensure that they are up to any job you can throw at them!

  • Problem-Solving Skills.
  • Flexibility.
  • Excellent Communication Skills.
  • Detail-Orientation.
  • Self-Motivation.

What are some careers that work with computer hardware?

There are quite a few careers you can pursue working with computer hardware. Computer hardware engineers develop and test computer equipment for a variety of professional settings, including business offices, factories, laboratories, and military bases. Computer support specialists help users of both hardware and software troubleshoot issues.

What does a computer hardware field technician do every day?

Whether it’s face to face, on the phone, via email, or instant message, every day, you will be communicating with others. A computer hardware field technician must communicate effectively with clients and co-workers to share information and solve the problems that arise in their everyday life.

What skills do you have in computer hardware servicing?

Skills in Computer Hardware Servicing Not Much A little A lot I can open a computer case. I can connect the mouse. I can connect the keyboard. I can connect the monitor. I know how to use the Philip head screw driver. I know how to use the anti- static wrist strap. I know how to use the lint free cloth.

What are the major hardware components of a computer system?

Major hardware components of a computer system The following list represents a basic set of hardware found in most PCs. 1. System Unit- The main part of a microcomputer, sometimes called the chassis. It includes the following parts: Motherboard, Microprocessor, Memory Chips, Buses, Ports, Expansion Slots and Cards.