What are the suburbs in Wellington?

What are the suburbs in Wellington?

Suburbs of Wellington

  • Aro Valley.
  • Berhampore.
  • Breaker Bay.
  • Brooklyn.
  • Churton Park.
  • Crofton Downs.
  • Glenside.
  • Happy Valley.

What are the 3 suburbs of Wellington?

A Guide to Wellington’s Family Friendly Suburbs

  • Miramar. Located south-east of the city centre, alongside the Miramar Peninsula, you’ll find the beach-side suburb of Miramar.
  • Hutt Valley.
  • Brooklyn.
  • Tawa.
  • Johnsonville.

What is the best suburb in Wellington?

What are the Best Suburbs in Wellington?

  • Te Aro. An inner-city suburb, Te Aro is one pocket of Wellington that simply oozes cool.
  • Miramar. Miramar is one of Wellington’s best beachside suburbs.
  • Newtown. One of the up-and-coming trendy areas of Welly is Newtown.
  • Brooklyn.
  • Mount Cook.

How many suburbs are there in Wellington?

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What suburb is Lambton Quay?

Wellington Central consists of the flat, mostly reclaimed land, west of Lambton Harbour and the part of The Terrace immediately above it. It is bounded on the north by the suburb Pipitea (which includes Parliament Buildings) and extends as far south as Civic Square.

Is Upper Hutt A suburbs?

Upper Hutt is in an area originally known as Orongomai and that of the river was Heretaunga (today the name of a suburb of Upper Hutt). The first residents of the area were Māori of the Ngai Tara iwi.

Is Mt Wellington a good suburb?

It’s a very large suburb, says Jane. In terms of turnover, there’s only one other suburb that is bigger, and that’s Remuera. Mt Wellington enjoys a good turnover of properties because it’s a great place for people to start with a home and often, they’ll sell and buy again and stay in Mt Wellington, says Jane.

Is Te Aro a suburb?

Home to over 12,400 residents, Te Aro is an inner city suburb located in the southern part of Wellington’s central business district. Covering the flat area of the central city between The Terrace and the base of Mount Victoria, Te Aro is a mix of commercial, entertainment, industrial, and residential land.

Is Lower Hutt a suburb?

Lower Hutt (Māori: Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai) is a city in the Wellington Region of New Zealand. Administered by the Hutt City Council, it is one of the four cities that constitute the Wellington metropolitan area. It is New Zealand’s sixth most populous city, with a population of 112,800.

How many Suburbs does Lower Hutt have?

Administered by the Hutt City Council, it is one of the four cities that constitute the Wellington metropolitan area….Lower Hutt.

Lower Hutt Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai (Māori)
Postcode(s) 5010, 5011, 5012, 5013, 5014, 5019
Area code(s) 04
Website HuttCity.govt.nz

How many houses are in Upper Hutt?

Upper Hutt City had a population of 43,980 at the 2018 New Zealand census, an increase of 3,801 people (9.5%) since the 2013 census, and an increase of 5,565 people (14.5%) since the 2006 census. There were 15,870 households.

List of Suburbs in Wellington, Maps and Street Views Aro Valley Berhampore Breaker Bay Broadmeadows Brooklyn Churton Park Crofton Downs Glenside Grenada North Grenada Village Hataitai Highbury Horokiwi Houghton Bay Island Bay Johnsonville Kaiwharawhara Karaka Bays Karori Kelburn Khandallah Kilbirnie Kingston Lyall Bay Maupuia Melrose Miramar

What is the geography of Wellington?

The city is built around one of the world’s great harbours with the suburbs flowing up and over the surrounding hills, around the intricate coastline, and inland through the Hutt Valley. Wellington lies on the south coast of the North Island, known as the Cook Strait.

Are there any new ward boundaries in Wellington?

Under the Local Electoral Act 2001 (the Act), we undertook a representation review and have new ward boundaries. See this map for an overview of all Wellington wards. The following suburbs are in Motukairangi/Eastern Ward:

How many councillors are there in Wellington?

Wellington City is divided into five wards that elect a total of 14 Councillors. See maps and suburbs of Wellington’s wards and community boards. The number of Councillors for each ward is determined by the estimated resident population of each ward and the total population of the city as a whole.