What county is Pike Illinois in?

What county is Pike Illinois in?

Pike Station is an unincorporated community in Pike County, Illinois, United States. Pike Station is located on the Mississippi River and U.S. Route 54 across from the city of Louisiana, Missouri….Pike, Illinois.

Pike Station, Illinois
County Pike
Elevation 453 ft (138 m)
Time zone UTC-6 (Central (CST))
• Summer (DST) UTC-5 (CDT)

How big is Pike County Illinois?

849 mi²Pike County / Area

What county is Pittsfield Illinois?

Pike CountyPittsfield / County
The city of Pittsfield is located in Pike County in west-central Illinois between the Illinois and Mississippi rivers (Figure 1.1). US Highway 54 (previously known as Illinois Route 107) runs through the middle of the city connecting it to Interstate 72 on the north (Figure 1.2).

How big is Pittsfield Illinois?

5.154 mi²Pittsfield / Area

What region is Clay County Illinois in?

As part of Upper Southern-leaning Southern Illinois, Clay County is powerfully Republican.

How big is Pike County Missouri?

685 mi²Pike County / Area

How old is Pike County?

Pike County is the seventy-first Kentucky county in order of creation. Pike County was founded on December 19, 1821, from a portion of Floyd County. The county was named for General Zebulon Pike, the explorer who discovered Pikes Peak.

What county is Quincy Illinois in?

Adams CountyQuincy / County
Located in west central Illinois, Adams County provides citizens with opportunity, diversity, and quality. Most of the residents live in or near the City of Quincy, while most of the land is used for agriculture. The county is on the banks of the Mississippi River.

What region is Adams County Illinois in?

Adams County is the westernmost county in the U.S. state of Illinois. As of the 2020 census, the population was 65,737. Its county seat is Quincy. Adams County is part of the Quincy, IL–MO Micropolitan Statistical Area….Adams County, Illinois.

Adams County
Seat Quincy
Largest city Quincy
• Total 871 sq mi (2,260 km2)

Is Pike a county?

Pike County is a county located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania….Pike County, Pennsylvania.

Pike County
State Pennsylvania
Founded March 8, 1814
Named for Zebulon Pike
Seat Milford

When was Pittsfield Il founded?

The City of Pittsfield was established in the year 1833 and designated as the seat of Pike County. When Pike County was carved out of the Illinois Territory, the first county seat was established in 1821 at Coles Grove, a small community southwest of Hardin in what is now Calhoun County, Illinois.

What city is Pike County in?

Pike County/Cities