What direction should my Bell Satellite Dish point?

What direction should my Bell Satellite Dish point?

Our current satellite is in a Southeastern direction from the Western Provinces, Southerly from the Prairies, and Southwesterly from the Maritimes. To get a direction from a compass, set it on a flat, non-metal surface and rotate it until “North” is indicated on the dial under the needle.

How do I adjust my Bell satellite dish?

Adjust the elevation of the Bell satellite dish. Do this by loosening the nuts on the elevation bolts on the dish’s mast with a wrench. (Your satellite manual will also provide a handy visual diagram of these nuts/bolts.) With the nuts loosened, make incremental up/down adjustments to the dish.

What is satellite skew angle?

Skew angle refers to the angle at which a beam from a terminal location hits the satellite. Skew angle mitigation allows a terminal to take advantage of high skew situations while ensuring compliance with adjacent satellite interference limits.

How do I reset my Bell expressvu receiver?

How to reset your Bell Satellite TV receiver to the factory…

  1. Press MENU on your remote control.
  2. Select System Setup.
  3. Select Factory Defaults.
  4. A pop-up message will appear to confirm that you want to reset your receiver to the factory default settings.
  5. Select Yes.

How do I check my Bell satellite signal?

Using the arrow keys on the Bell remote control, scroll to the Check or Check Switch option on your screen and press the Select button. Using the arrow keys on the Bell remote control, scroll to Test and press Select. Your system is now running the signal test; please wait as this may take several minutes.

Are the Bell ExpressVu receivers available in English or French?

Note that the Bell ExpressVu receivers are configured at the factory for English language operation. French language operation is available after the dish is aligned and the initial software download is complete. See “Connections and Setup” in the Bell ExpressVu User Manual for suggested wiring configurations.

How do I order Bell ExpressVu from Sky Dish?

Once the download is complete you are ready to order your program package by calling the Bell ExpressVu Customer Service Call Centre at1-888-SKY-DISH. See page I-55. 18. If you want the Bell ExpressVu system menus to appear in French, follow the instructions in the section “Change Languages” below. CHANGE LANGUAGES

How do I Activate my Bell ExpressVu multi-satellite system?

The installation for your new Bell ExpressVu Multi-Satellite system is now complete! Simply call 1 888 SKY DISH (759- 3474) to activate your satellite receiver(s) and begin enjoying Bell ExpressVu’s 100% digital quality television. www.bell.ca/satellite 1-888-SKY-DISH

How high up is the Bell ExpressVu satellite?

The Bell ExpressVu satellite is approximately 35,680 kilometers above the surface of the Earth. It is in what is called a “geosynchronous orbit.” This means that the satellite stays aligned over one place on the surface of the Earth.