What do French email addresses end with?

What do French email addresses end with?

fr. . fr is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet for France.

How do you start an email in French?

In French, emails always start with Bonjour (Hello) or Bonsoir (Good evening), unlike letters, which usually start with Cher / Chère (Dear…). If you’re not acquainted with the recipient, use Bonjour monsieur / madame,, meaning ‘Hello Sir / Ma’am’.

Is Bien cordialement formal?

Très cordialement — This is the more formal version of Cordialement. If you feel like covering all your bases you can use this version in pretty much the same way. 3. Bien cordialement — Like Cordialement, but a bit warmer (say, if you’ve been interacting with the same person multiple times).

How do you end a casual email in French?

  1. je t’embrasse très fort = great big kiss, with lots of love.
  2. meilleurs sentiments = best wishes.
  3. merci = thanks.
  4. mes amitiés = my best wishes, my best regards.
  5. mes salutations respectueuses = yours faithfully.
  6. mille baisers = a thousand kisses.
  7. salut = bye.
  8. salutations distinguées = distinguished salutations.

What are the most popular email domains?

What are the most common email domains?

  • Gmail.com (18%) With over a billion users across the globe, Gmail has taken over the free email space since its launch in 2004.
  • Yahoo.com (17%)
  • Hotmail.com (16%)

Is Gmail available in France?

TOP 10 E-MAIL PROVIDES IN FRANCE In France, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook account for 98% of the market.

How do you email a French professor?

If you know the job title of the recipient, all the better. You can say, for example, “Madame la Directrice,” (“Madam Director,”) or “Monsieur le Professeur,” (“Professor,”), or even “Monsieur le Président de la République,” (“Mr. President,”).

What is have a good weekend in Quebec French?

Bon weekend or Bon fin de semaine.

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Is there a more accurate translation of Amitiés?

A more accurate translation of amitiés might be “your friend,” but since that has a definite grade school sort of feeling, it’s better to choose one of the translations above. Faites-moi l’amitié de + infinitive…

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What is Amitié in French?

amitié (fem noun): friendship, liking, kindness. Pronunciation: [a mee tyay] L’amitié est une des choses les plus importantes du monde, surtout aujourd’hui. Friendship is one of the most important things in the world, especially today.